A follow up to last month’s action motion picture hit, Plane, has actually now been verified. Though the follow-up will sell the sky for the sea, as Mike Colter returns as misinterpreted killer Louis Gaspare in Ship, which will get not long after the occasions of Plane and follow the legionnaire after “disappearing into the jungles of Jolo Island.”

“Following a high-octane showdown with the local militia on Jolo’s shores, Gaspare manages to commandeer a fishing boat and escape the Philippines,” checks out a description of the job byVariety “But he’s not out of the woods yet: the media circus surrounding Flight 119 has elevated his public profile, making him the subject of an international manhunt. Hoping to stay under the radar and get far away from his last known location, Gaspare hops aboard a cargo ship in East Asia that’s bound for South Africa. But as he settles in for a long voyage, the stowaway discovers that the ocean vessel is transporting more than goods — it’s also being used as a ferry for a human trafficking ring.”

Of course, as shown in Plane, Gaspare’s strong values will not permit him to merely disregard such concerns, with the fugitive when again utilizing his specific set of abilities to make sure that justice is done. Joining forces with the ships 2nd guy and a traveler with comparable military abilities, “Gaspare embarks on a mission to take down the ship’s corrupt captain, keep its innocent passengers safe, and liberate its captives.”

It is not yet understood whether Gerard Butler will return for more white-knuckle action inShip The follow up will see manufacturers MadRiver Pictures, Di Bonaventura Pictures and G-BASE Productions back for more, with Plane director Jean-Fran çois Richet on board as an executive manufacturer.

Plane Has Been a Critical Hit for Gerard Butler & & Mike Colter

Plane movie

Directed by Assault on Precinct 13’s Jean-Fran çois Richet and composed by Charles Cumming and J. P. Davis, Plane follows Gerard Butler as pilot Brodie Torrance, who conserves his guests from a lightning strike by making a dangerous landing on a war-torn island– just to discover that enduring the landing was simply the start. When the majority of the guests are hijacked by unsafe rebels, the only individual Torrance can rely on for aid is Louis Gaspare, played by Mike Colter, an implicated killer who was being carried by the FBI. In order to save the guests, Torrance will require Gaspare’s aid, and will discover there’s more to Gaspare than satisfies the eye.

Plane stars the similarity Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World Dominion), Yoson An (Mulan), Remi Adeleke (Transformers: The Last Knight), Haleigh Hekking (Action Royale), Lilly Krug (Every Breath You Take), Joey Slotnick (The Blacklist), Oliver Trevena (While We Sleep), and newbie Kelly Gale, along with Butler and Colter, and has actually been a significant hit considering that landing in theaters last month.

Plane now stands as one of action hero Gerard Butler’s most significant important successes. The motion picture has an approval score of 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, with Motion PictureWe b’s own Julian Roman concluding that “Gerard Butler rules the sky in a tense and unrelenting action-thriller.”

It’s no surprise that the studio is now attempting to introduce a franchise off the back ofPlane Production on Ship is anticipated to start later on this year. Are you thrilled to see Colter return for more?