With the days left in Ash’s journey counting down, brand-new details on the upcoming Pok émon reboot has actually lastly been exposed, offering fans their very first peek at what Pok émon without Ash may be like.

A little character trailer was dropped on Twitter today, checking out the brand-new Pok émon anime’s lead characters and teasing a bit about what the story will be. The 2 lead characters are a lady called Riko and a young boy called Roy, as was suggested formerly. Riko is exposed to be in ownership of an unique pendant, which looks like if it will be a significant component in the story of the brand-new anime. Riko was likewise clearly exposed as having actually originated from the Paldea area seen in Scarlet andViolet Additionally, the Tweet discussed that the series would be set “All over the Pokémon world,” like Pok émon Journeys, the most current season, instead of specifically concentrating on Paldea.

Pok émon’s Anime Gets a Bigger Focus on Story

The Pok émon anime with Ash has never ever actually had a credibility for massive storytelling, even as its last episodes are airing. The series, at over 1200 episodes, is primarily comprised of one-offs and stand-alone stories, with just the periodic big arc connecting things together. With that truth in mind, it’s intriguing that this brand-new expose has actually picked to focus so greatly on Riko’s pendant and the secret surrounding it. It appears as if this pendant might be the driving element of the plot, something the anime under Ash seldom had (a minimum of because Pok émon’s dropped GS Ball plot). The pendant is significantly concealed in Riko’s main character art work, revealing that she tucks the pendant into her t-shirt to hide it. The pendant, when displayed in close-up, appears to look like the sign utilized for the Terastal mechanic in Scarlet andViolet It’s possible that this might operate as her trump card, enabling her to Terastalize her Pok émon even outdoors Paldea.

Pok émon’s New Hero Starts Off With an Interesting Mystery


While a shift from episodic to serialized storytelling would definitely be invited by many Pok émon fans after over a thousand stand-alone tales, fans need to hold back from getting too fired up right now. This is still going to be a program focused on kids, so significant shifts in tone towards the darker and edgier are most likely out of the concern. It’s likely the series will keep a concentrate on the fantastic world of Pok émon, in the very same method that Ash and his buddies were frequently filled with wonder. Still, the program would not be restarting itself if it were going to stay precisely the very same, either, and a modification to the anime’s storytelling structure would be a fantastic factor to introduce a reboot and begin once again.

With more details guaranteed to come next week, fans will not need to wait too long to learn a little bit more about what the brand-new Pok émon anime will resemble.

Source: Twitter