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Natasha Lyonne and Columbo sit together, her arm thrown around his shoulder in a chummy fashion while he smokes a cigarette, in old-fashioned poster style art

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Poker Face Art Teams Natasha Lyonne With Columbo

Natasha Lyonne’s Charlie satisfies her television motivation, Peter Falk’s Columbo, in brand-new fan art commemorating Rian Johnson’s struck program Poker Face.

Poker Face art groups Natasha Lyonne’s human lie detector Charlie with Peter Falk’s traditional investigatorColumbo Rian Johnson restored the whodunit film with his sly and comical murder secret movies Knives Out andGlass Onion Now the well-known writer-director is doing the very same for the traditional television investigator program, with his hit Peacock series Poker Face, starring Lyonne as a relatively typical individual who has the superpower to constantly understand when individuals are lying.

In event of Johnson’s achievement with Poker Face, artist Readful Things has actually released a brand-new image that brings Lyonne’s Charlie together with her biggest television motivation, Lieutenant Columbo.

As can be seen above, Johnson himself required to Twitter to reveal his gratitude for the art, publishing “Holy holy” in reaction to the image. Currently holding down a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes while lastly providing Peacock a buzzworthy initial program, Poker Face is undoubtedly well on its method to re-establishing the investigator category on the little screen as Johnson hoped. But in the past, Columbo was the modern when it concerned television investigator stories, thanks in big part to its lead star Falk.

How Columbo Inspired Poker Face

columbo peter falk poster

Poker Face developer Johnson has actually spoken thoroughly about his love of murder secret authors like Agatha Christie, and how their works– and the movies made from their works– motivated his own yarns like Knives Out and the current follow upGlass Onion While attempting to revive the traditional television investigator story nevertheless, Johnson naturally relied on a little screen motivation inColumbo But it wasn’t a lot the secret side of Columbo that turned Johnson on. Rather, it was the concept of focusing a secret program on a charming lead entertainer whom the audience wishes to root for. As Johnson informed Screen Rant just recently:

More than that though, the terrific characters like James Garner as Rockford or Tom Selleck as Magnum Pi or Falk as Columbo– those programs were more hangout programs than anything else. You didn’t truly tune in for the secret. You tuned in to socialize withFalk And so when I ended up being pals with Natasha and understood she might be that for a program, I got truly, truly thrilled. That’s where the entire thing began.

Shows like Columbo obviously were mystery-of-the-week stories that did not issue themselves with continuous arcs. Today nevertheless, the focus in eminence television is on serialized stories. But Johnson picked to buck this huge current-day pattern by making each Poker Face episode self-contained, defying the binge design of television launching by motivating audiences to not feast on the whole season in one go. This technique got a great deal of pushback from binge-model-fixated television officers, however as Johnson discussed to THR, he lastly persuaded Peacock to choose his traditional storytelling design:

And I simply kept returning and hammering the concept that all the programs that I matured seeing were not about the cliffhanger at the end. They had to do with wishing to return to socialize with this character that you enjoy and see them win, which’s similarly addicting. And it’s likewise something I miss out on, and I wager a great deal of individuals likewise miss out on.

Will Poker Face Get A Season 2

Natasha Lyonne as Charlie smiling in Poker Face Trailer

The extensive favorable reception for Poker Face would appear to show that audiences and critics do undoubtedly miss out on the old-fashioned episodic technique to television as much as Johnson does. But will that equate into Poker Face getting an order for season 2? Peacock has actually not yet requested for a 2nd season, however it appears unavoidable that the renewal will come. And if Poker Face season 2 does undoubtedly take place, Johnson has actually currently exposed his dream visitor star, informing Screen Rant he ‘d enjoy Jamie Lee Curtis to appear. Hopefully, Johnson will get an opportunity to release more Columbo– motivated secret television with Poker Face season 2.

Source: Readful Things/Twitter


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