Former Superman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh is set to sign up with NBC’s Quantum Leap reboot in an approaching episode. Routh depicted DC’s renowned Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns and repeated the function in the CW’s Arrowverse franchise, where he likewise played The Atom on Legends ofTomorrow NBC’s Quantum Leap reboot is set after the occasions of the initial series, which ranged from 1989 to 1993. In the brand-new program, among the physicists behind the rejuvenated Project Quantum Leap, Ben (Raymond Lee), starts his own mystical experiences throughout history.

As exposed by IGN, Routh has actually been cast as Alexander Augustine, the daddy of Caitlin Bassett’s Addison Augustine in an approaching Quantum Leap season 1 episode set to air on February 27.

In the episode, entitled “S.O.S”, Ben jumps into a marine dry run kept in 1989, resulting in him experiencing his fiancée Addison’s daddy, who is serving on board the ship. In a declaration offered by Routh, the star applauds his Quantum Leap co-stars Lee and Bassett, mentioning it was an honor to sign up with theseries He states:

Growing up seeing Quantum Leap, it was an honor to represent such a critical character in Addison’s life. Ray and Caitlin are a great duo and I liked belonging of the QL group. As an Iowan, it was likewise interesting to movie on the USS Iowa.

How Brandon Routh’s Quantum Leap Role Could Affect The Rest Of The Season

Raymond Lee, Caitlin Bassett and Brandon Routh on Quantum Leap

Routh’s look in Quantum Leap season 1 comes as the revival continues to unwind the secret behind what has actually driven Ben on his journey into the past. After making his very first leap, Ben suffered unexpected amnesia that caused him forgetting why he started his mission, though through the efforts of his buddies at Project Quantum Leap, it is exposed that Ben intends to reach a particular point in the future to conserveAddison However, it was exposed that Ian (Mason Alexander Park) is likewise a Leaper in Quantum Leap episode 13, triggering unpredictability amongst the group.

With trust being evaluated within Project Quantum Leap, the expose of Routh’s Alexander Augustine comes at a tense time. Addison has actually been Ben’s “observer” and consultant throughout Quantum Leap season 1 and assisted him on his journey, though the set have actually been at chances. Addison formerly developed that she originated from a damaged house, so seeing Ben engage with her daddy might trigger distress that pressures their relationship even more, possibly at an uncomfortable point after the deadly danger of Ben’s jumping was exposed.

Quantum Leap‘s go back to screen has actually followed a story that checks out the real dangers surrounding the idea of jumping while likewise continuing the story long after Scott Bakula’s Sam Beckett vanished. As such, not just will Routh’s existence see the precious Superman and Arrowverse star go back to screens, however it guarantees to take on much more individual concerns surrounding the expenses of horning in time. While substantial responses might not come till season 2, Routh’s function might provide more psychological weight to Ben’s individual objective on Quantum Leap.

Source: IGN