WWE chose not to surprise fans with Cody Rhodes at the Royal Rumble, however his going into the match from the 30th area was a fascinating option, to state the least. Conquering babyfaces do not generally get in fight royal matches last. It’s an area that can seem “gifted” from the business if offered to the incorrect individual, andNo 30 is usually an area scheduled for heels or, you understand,Brock Lesnar Yet as the Royal Rumble rolled on, The American Nightmare was no place to be seen. After Logan Paul got in atNo 29, it ended up being clear that 30 would beCody Rhodes He got an outstanding action from those in presence at the Alamodome, however why did WWE take this non-traditional method with the ultimate winner?

In the most current edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer discussed why this call may have been made. Believe it or not, Sami Zayn might have had something to do with it. “While it wasn’t the perfect babyface move to have the heel start 56:30 earlier than the babyface when they were the final two, or the booking where Rhodes was basically gifted No. 30, putting anyone else at No. 30 would have likely led to a very bad reaction live because it wasn’t Zayn. Rhodes was the guy they felt they could count on to quell any negativity from the fans. Zayn should not have been in the Rumble if he wasn’t going to win it, because that would only get people who wanted him in the main event spot madder.” The Royal Rumble is being hailed as a timeless, so it looks like Triple H andCo strike the nail on the head with this option.

Gunther & & Cody Rhodes Left The Royal Rumble Looking Like Stars

Gunther enters the 2023 Royal Rumble at the No. 1 spot. Here, he poses with the Intercontinental Championship before the match begins.

While WWE may have reserved theNo 1 and 30 areas in reverse, both Gunther and Cody Rhodes left the Royal Rumble appearing like outright world beaters. The existing Intercontinental Champion climaxed for a lot of time invested in a Rumble match, lasting an exceptional hour and 11 minutes. He was associated with numerous unforgettable areas, consisting of a stare-down with Brock Lesnar, and might be placed as one of the leading stars in the business after WrestleMania 39. He’s currently end up being a staple on SmackDown, together with Imperium.

Rhodes is currently there in regards to star power, and his program with Roman Reigns has a likelihood to be a feud-of-the-year prospect. There’s a natural, fascinating story to be informed there. While Cody needed to divide far from WWE to make regard, Roman has actually been the handpicked leading man for practically a years. Consider this: the last time Roman Reigns was pinned tidy was the exact same week that AEW Dynamite aired for the 11th time … ever. That’s for how long The Head of the Table has actually held his area. Cody Rhodes is gunning for it now and can do so after tidying up at theRoyal Rumble

In hindsight, having Rhodes get in at 30 was a little bit of a gamble by WWE. The chances were excellent that he ‘d be well gotten, however nobody in the arena understood that Sami Zayn wasn’t going to remain in the Royal Rumble match. That was explained to the at-home audience throughout the pre-show. Pushing back versus crowd favorites has actually backfired in the past. Batista winning the 2014 edition of the occasion right away enters your mind. WWE fans desired Daniel Bryan to win that match so terribly that they even booedRey Mysterio Who boos Rey Mysterio? However, this year’s reservation went off without a drawback, and Rhodes will encounter Reigns at WrestleMania 39.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter