Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon is back with another rom-com flick along with Ashton Kutcher. The set collaborate for the upcoming Netflix movie Your Place or Mine, set to be launched onFeb 10. The movie is a modern-day romance that commemorates love in between 2 middle-aged grownups.

Often called America’s Sweetheart, Reese increased to prominence by starring in various rom-com movies. As somebody whose profession has actually benefited immensely from rom-com movies, the category has constantly had a location in Reese’s heart. So Reese Witherspoon could not think it when it was mentioned that she had actually invested 6 years operating in the drama category.

While promoting Your Place or Mine, Reese informed Vanity Fair, “Has it really been that long? I didn’t stop on purpose. I don’t think I’ll ever stop making romantic comedies. They are very important to me. It’s my favorite genre because it makes people feel good. This one is even more special because we have different voices and different perspectives telling the story. Our movie is about a single mom in her 40s getting second chances and finding love. You often don’t see this in a romantic comedy.”

And now she’s back with another rom-com flick, and she’s quite happy with the movie and stated, “Women in their 40s should have stories too. It’s crucial to understand that life does not stop after 40. My character has aspiration and wishes to actually feel alive. You do not need to remain in your 20s to feel this, and I believe a great deal of females feel that method when they’re my age. We wish to see something that is really grounded in truth. “

She continued, “Even with Ashton’s character, we reveal the truths of individuals in their 40s, and this is something that’s never ever even spoke about, and I hope it alters individuals’s viewpoint. Our story still has love and escape, however we are attempting to show what we see in our daily lives and see it in motion pictures.”

Your Place or Mine is The Perfect Film for Middle Aged Adults Looking to Feel Alive

Your Place or Mine

Set to begin streaming on Netflix this comingFeb 10, Your Place or Mine takes on the life of long time good friends Debbie (Reese Witherspoon) and Peter (Ashton Kutcher). They satisfied through a casual sex and established a relationship from there. Fast- forward to over twenty years later on, Debbie is now residing in LA while raising a 13-year-old kid. Peter, on the other hand, is remaining in an expensive bachelor pad in Brooklyn.

Soon, Debbie’s expected to take her last examination for her master’s degree, and because she’s still incredibly near Peter and even calls each other daily through FaceTime, Peter recommended they change houses for a week so that Debbie can take her tests. Peter even volunteers to monitor Debbie’s kid, and this setup will quickly results in some substantial awareness of their sensations for each other.