During Reese Witherspoon‘s guesting on The Drew Barrymore Show, the starlet exposed that she still has the renowned gown fromSweet Home Alabama Although it has actually been over 20 years given that the movie was launched, the starlet is keeping her keepsake from the movie even to this day.

The romantic funny movie Sweet Home Alabama informs the tale of a New York based designer called Melanie who will get wed to Andrew, played byPatrick Dempsey While settling the documentations on marrying, Melanie learnt that she’s still wed to her high school sweetie Jake, played byJosh Lucas She then head back to their home town to officially ask Lucas for a divorce. She will quickly recognize that she still likes her ex partner.

One of the most unforgettable scenes on the movie was when Melanie went to search for Lucas after escaping from her own wedding event. The starlet still strongly keeps in mind the scene, she remembered, “I remember that scene that we shot in the rain, and I’m in the wedding dress and I run away from my wedding, and I run to see Josh Lucas on the beach, and it was pouring down rain. I remember thinking, ‘This is such a crazy, amazing moment. I’m gonna remember this forever.’ And I still have the wedding dress.”

A Possible Sweet Home Alabama Sequel

sweet home alabama

Due to the enormous success of the movie, fans are still awaiting the movie’s follow up all these years. Sweet Home Alabama director Andy Tennant teased the fans that he’s had a prospective follow up story. When Insider spoke with Tennant in 2015, he exposed that he was considering the movie’s follow up.

The director detailed the follow up as he shared, “What happened was Reese’s daughter, Ava, went to school with my son, so I would see Reese on occasion. When the movie got to like 13 to 14 years later, I started thinking where they would all be. Where are those four characters now: Melanie, Jake, Andrew, and Melanie Lynskey’s character, Lurlynn? My kids were going through college so it got me thinking about a new generation of kids going to school and young love and what that would do to parents when they see their kids being real grown-ups. If the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, what is Melanie’s daughter like?”

Josh Lucas was likewise quite open up to the concept and has actually become aware of Tennant’s follow up story. He stated, “Andy told me there would be an honesty to it. That Jake would have mid-life issues and that there are differences where Jake and Melanie landed. Hell, maybe Jake now lives in a trailer park while Melanie had built this perfect life.”

Despite having a prospective follow up, Reese Witherspoon hasn’t become aware of it. With the hectic schedule of the starlet turned business owner, Lucas confessed that he hasn’t fulfilled the starlet in years. He concluded, “I frankly haven’t run into Reese since making the movie. I keep hearing that others from the movie would absolutely love to do it. I would love to do a ‘Sweet Home Alabama 2.'”