Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira are lastly reuniting on the set of The Walking Dead‘s latest spin-off. The stars, who play Rick and Michonne respectively, will star in the six-episode restricted series, which will premiere on AMC and AMC+. They will be experiencing a filled romance as they take on versus the dead and the living alike.

AMC launched brand-new behind-the-scenes pictures as recording starts. While the images do not expose much about what the season will appear like after The Walking Dead‘s ending, they tease the season’s visual and how Rick and Michonne will work to discover each other in the spin-off. Check out the images below:

Rick and Michonne's chairs in The Walking Dead on set

Rick and Michonne holding hands in the Walking Dead

The initially image reveals the director’s chairs for Michonne and Rick, which are most likely designated for Gurira andLincoln The more substantial image concentrates on Michonne and Rick holding their hands securely together.

The Future Of The Walking Dead

Rick and Michonne hiding behind a wall in The Walking Dead

While Rick and Michonne’s reveal will play an enormous function in The Walking Dead‘s future, it isn’t the only program that will keep the spirit of the franchise alive. There are 4 approaching The Walking Dead spin-offs, and each of them will reveal a various element of the post-apocalypticEarth Depending on how effective they are, there is constantly the possibility for more.

Fear the Walking Dead is still waiting for a season 8 premiere, which will debut on May 14, 2023. Reports show that the very first half of season 8 will continue the story from season 7, while the 2nd half will occur after a seven-year time dive– a substantial modification for the program. The season is 12 episodes long and will work as the conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Dead City, on the other hand, will check out the story of Maggie and Negan as they traverse through an apocalyptic New York City, while the dead surrounds them. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, on the other hand, includes the titular Daryl Dixon and numerous brand-new characters having a hard time to endure in France, the heart of the break out. With many The Walking Dead stars delighting in spin-offs of their own, it is uncertain if they can discover each other once again, as Rick and Michonne are frantically attempting.

Source: AMC