Will Robin Wright return as Antiope in the brand-new DCU from James Gunn and Peter Safran? Your guess is as great as hers, however if she gets that call, Wright is prepared to return as the Amazonian basic. Previously, Wright debuted as Antiope in the 2017 film Wonder Woman along with Gal Gadot as the titular crime-fighter. Wright would later on sign up with Gadot for the follow up, 2020’s Wonder Woman 1984 It’s uncertain if director Patty Jenkins wished to bring Wright back as Antiope for Wonder Woman 3, as the task was axed by Gunn and Safran upon their employing at DC Studios prior to advancement might start.

For her part, Wright has basically currently bid farewell to the function, as she had actually presumed that Wonder Woman 1984 was completion of that story. Even so, she likewise states she spoke to Jenkins about just how much story capacity there still was with the Amazonian characters that might perhaps be checked out in another movie. That appears to have her offered on the Wonder Woman prequel series in the works for the DCU, called Paradise Lost.

“I thought they were finishing with Wonder Woman 1984,” Wright informs Yahoo! Entertainment in a brand-new interview. “But Patty and I both agreed that the Amazon section was such a great part of that film. I was like, ‘Why don’t you write the Amazon movie?’ Young girls want to see that — it’s real female empowerment.”

Will a New Antiope Be Introduced in Paradise Lost?

DC Comics Antiope

There’s not a lot that’s been exposed about Paradise Lost, however what’s understood is that it will be a prequel series set on Themyscira in the time prior to Diana, aka Wonder lady, was born. A cameo from Gadot is possible, albeit not likely, if there are any flash-forward series that would connect the prequel to the Wonder Woman movies. But it’s likewise still uncertain if the strategy is for this series to straight connect into those motion pictures, or if this will be a brand-new Wonder Woman canon. If it acknowledges the Gadot movies, Wright might effectively play Antiope, and while she questions if she’s getting too old to repeat the function, she’s still waiting by the phone for Gunn and Safran to provide her a call.

“I loved playing an Amazon,” Wright states. “I kinda feel like I was the leader of an Amazon tribe in my past life. I haven’t received that call [about Paradise Lost] yet. Maybe I’m too old!”

There might likewise be some prepare for Gadot’s variation of Wonder Woman in the DCU, however absolutely nothing is specific at this time. Gunn stired reports that he was reviving Gadot by informing one fan on Twitter that he had not “booted” her from the DCU as the individual recommended. However, Gunn has likewise stated that he didn’t “fire” Henry Cavill as Superman, as he never ever employed him to start with – that was the previousWarner Bros management. Neither Gunn nor Gadot have actually openly mentioned for sure one method or the other at this time if that variation of Wonder Woman will return in any future jobs in the DCU.