Despite having a frustrating result for Rodrigo Santoro’s Karl and Laura Linney’s Sarah in the movie Love Actually, Santoro thinks that his character isn’t the one to quickly quit. The movie sees Karl and Sarah stopping working to revive their love after their expected connection was disturbed.

In Love Actually, Sarah has actually constantly had one-sided sensations for her colleagueKarl She’s had sensations for him exactly 2 years, 7 months, 3 days, and an hour and half an hour prior to Karl lastly made a relocation. Fortunately for Laura Linney’s character, Karl feels the exact same and chooses to lastly approach her.

Karl approached Sarah throughout the workplace Christmas celebration, and they danced sweetly to Norah Jones’Turn Me On The dancing ultimately led the set to Sarah’s house, where they kissed for the very first time. Things were going quite well till it was disrupted by a call from Sarah’s bro. Since the call appeared severe, Karl chose to leave. They might have continued their budding love the next day, however they never ever did.

As for Rodrigo Santoro, he thinks that there’s a lot more than just merely not reviving their love. The star was insistent on safeguarding his character, declaring that dating Sarah at the time wasn’t the best call to make. He stated to Entertainment Weekly, “It was complicated. She was just not there. She couldn’t figure it out, and her brother had some mental illness and she was dealing with that, so it was hard for her. He didn’t give up.”

What Might Have Happened to Karl in Love Actually 2, According to Rodrigo Santoro

Laura Linney in Love Actually

Fans have actually voiced their discouragement at Sarah and Karl’s ravaging story. However, Rodrigo Santoro thinks that if fans aren’t pleased with how things ended for Sarah and Karl, they must take their problems to Love Actually’ s writer-directorRichard Curtis After all, the stars are simply acting out what the script informs them, as the movie’s director advised.

Still, the star is not closing the doors on the expected love in between Karl andSarah Instead, he’s promising to the fans rooting for their characters to wind up together. Sarah’s character may have felt in a different way today, however the star thinks that Karl will constantly hold a location for Sarah in his heart. He stated, “If there was a Love Actually 2, Karl is still there thinking about Sarah.”