Rose Byrne shares how she got the true blessing of Dolly Parton for the movieSeriously Red The starlet was frightened of pitching the concept to Dolly Parton’s group because the movie would not be made without Parton’s music. In Byrne’s interview with Collider, the starlet strongly remembers driving from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee, to personally turn over the script to Parton’s veteran supervisor, Danny Nozell.

Despite operating in the market for so long, the Neighbors star admitted that connecting to Dolly Parton’s group is most likely among the most stressful minutes in her profession. The starlet was so desperate to make the movie occur that she even drove 2 hours, all while she was 6 months pregnant.

“I was terrified. I went and met Danny Nozell, I was six months pregnant, and I drove down from Atlanta where I was shooting Neighbors 2 with our friend Nick Stoller. I drove to Chattanooga listening to Christian radio because it was all I could get on the radio stations.”

The starlet didn’t understand how it’s typically done, which contributed to her stress and anxiety. She continued, “It was sort of the unknown, it was such a different league for me, the music business. I don’t know how it works, or how to even begin to penetrate that business. So it was a little bit even more unknown than just a regular pitch where you’re going into an office of whomever, an executive or something.”

The movie would not be as they imagined it if Dolly Parton didn’t concur. Thankfully, the Island in the Stream vocalist was on board with it. Byrne shares, “We knew without Dolly there was just no way we could do it. We had to try to get this script in [to] her, and to get her blessing, and to see if she could help us get the music. If we didn’t have the music, it would’ve been very different. I don’t know what the movie would’ve become, but it certainly wouldn’t have been a Dolly Parton impersonator.”

Seriously Red Means So Much To Rose Byrne


Seriously Red is more than simply a movie forRose Byrne It was a movie she had actually been imagining making with her good friends, including her buddy,Krew Boylan She exposed, “My best friend, Krew Boylan, she and I have been friends since high school. We started this little company, Dollhouse Pictures, with three other girls out of Australia.”

She continued, “Really, it was born from the script. She’d written this screenplay, which I just fell in love with, and she’d been struggling for so long, and out of this struggle of being in the creative industry and not working enough was born this script of wanting to be taken seriously.”

It took them 5 years to end up the movie, and Rose Byrne and her team had the ability to launch it this year. The movie has actually struck choose theaters and can be streamed on various video streaming platforms.