Many well-known stars have actually signed up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe given that its birth, and Ryan Gosling might be next, with reports recommending the star is a prospect to sign up with the WandaVision director Matt Shakman’s upcoming Fantastic Four adjustment.

Since Disney acquired Fox, fans have actually been awaiting the intro of the X-Men’s mutants and the very first household of superheroes, following 2015’s forgettable and slammed variation. Finally, in 2022 and thanks to Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness, we got our very first take a look at Reed Richards in the MCU with the face of among the fan- preferred stars to play him, John Krasinski.

However, it appears that the passage of A Quiet Place director through the world of superheroes was momentary, and we will quickly be getting a brand-new star playingMr Fantastic. And Ryan Gosling might be the one, as expert Jeff Sneider exposed on The Hot Mic podcast:

“Then there’s the rumor of Ryan Gosling playing Sentry in the MCU. People tell me he’s like a Superman-kind of [character]. I haven’t heard anything like that, obviously. I’d heard some Gosling Fantastic Four stuff”.

Although Sneider’s words are not a verification and do not point straight to Richards, he is unquestionably a character that will be main to the future of the MCU when he is presented, being the main axis of The Fantastic Four and, as we currently saw, a significant member of the Illuminati.

What We Know About The Fantastic Four of the MCU

Fantastic Four from the Marvel Comics Fantastic Four

For now, Marvel Studios has actually kept practically every information associated to the movie’s plot under covers, with authors Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer dealing with the script currently. But, thanks to Kevin Feige, we understand it will not be an origin story, although it is their intro to the MCU.

On the other hand, there have actually been numerous reports concerning the stars who might play not just Reed Richards however likewise Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, andBen Grimm As forMr Fantastic, names like Penn Badgley and, more just recently, Adam Driver have actually been heard. For The Invisible Woman, Jodie Comer is the one who appears one of the most. While for her sibling Johnny, Austin Butler has actually been the prominent prospect.

We will need to wait a bit longer for the most awaited info to be exposed as the shooting date methods. Fantastic Four will strike theaters in February 2025, right after Deadpool 3