We lastly have a complete authorities trailer for The Flash, the long-awaited superhero film that’s sustained numerous hold-ups throughout its production. The movie is now set to strike theaters in June, and months ahead of the premiere, DC andWarner Bros have actually dropped the brand-new trailer that initially aired throughout theSuper Bowl It’s now readily available to view online, and you can have a look at it on your own below.

Of course, the trailer functions Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, or we must state as numerousBarry Allens We’re likewise offered our finest appearance yet at Michael Keaton as Batman, though previous teasers have actually offered us preview at that character’s return. But the brand-new advertisement showcases our very first main take a look at Sasha Calle as Supergirl with her making her launching because function in this movie. While there’s been a great deal of attention on the Batman-Flash collaboration, some fans are much more stired to see the brand-new video of Supergirl in action.

You can see a few of those fan responses below.

Is Supergirl Here to Stay in the DCU?

Supergirl Batwing

While it’s amazing for numerous fans to see Supergirl in The Flash with Sasha Calle in the function, it’s something that might wind up ending up being a one-off look. The future of Calle in the DCU is uncertain following the release of The Flash, as James Gunn and Pefer Safran are basically restarting the DC film slate nearly totally from scratch. It’s been recommended that a handful of stars in the DCEU might wind up preserving those functions moving on, which even consists of The Flash co-starEzra Miller But while Gunn and Safran have actually revealed strategies to make a movie called Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, they have actually confessed that they’re still unsure if Calle will be sticking with the function for that task.

“We’re figuring it all out. We don’t know yet,” the 2 stated about Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow‘s casting. “We’re pretty far away from Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.”

In any case, fans can see Calle handling the function of Kara Zor-El inThe Flash The movie likewise stars Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, Michael Keaton as Batman, Ben Affleck as another Batman, Michael Shannon as General Zod, Antje Traue as Faora-Ul, Ron Livingston as Henry Allen, and Maribel Verdu asNora Allen Andy Muschietti directed the movie utilizing a screenpla yby Christina Hodson with a story by John Fracis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, and Joby Harold.

The Flash will be launched in theater on June 16, 2023.