Henry Cavill signs up with the long list of celebs who have had the chance to see The Flash, such as Tom Cruise or Stephen King, and it appears that he has actually been interested like the large bulk of those who have actually already had the ability to take pleasure in the long-awaited latest DC’s experience.

Announced several years earlier, the movie suffered a number of modifications and hold-ups along the method, going through a pandemic and even completion of the Snyderverse, where it had actually been at first developed, likewise enduring the different disputes surrounding its primary star Ezra Miller.

Days prior to The Flash‘s launching in theaters, Warner Bros. Discovery, the lead characters and the director remain in complete promo of the movie. During journalism conference for Latin America, where Sasha Calle, Andy and Barbara Muschietti, and Maribel Verdú existed, the starlet behind Supergirl shared some intriguing information.

When asked if she had actually talked to any star or starlet who had actually played Superman or Supergirl, Calle exposed that she had, both with Melissa Benoist and Henry Cavill. In addition, she verified that The Witcher star has actually already seen the motion picture and liked it (via Hablemos de Cine).

Cavill was among the stars reported to appear in The Flash in a short cameo however would have been cut due to the fact that the movie will work as a soft reboot of the DCU canon to start the brand-new universe developed by James Gunn, and he’s not a part of it.

What’s The Flash Taking from Flashpoint?

The Flash movie 2023 cast

The Flash is mainly based upon the Flashpoint story, among the most popular or possibly the most well-known arcs of the character and in DC’s folklore. In it, Barry Allen gets up in a truth where his mom did not pass away, something he has actually constantly wished to alter. However, having her back did not come free of charge.

In this timeline, Barry never ever satisfied Iris, his terrific love. He likewise has no powers, as there are no metahumans. The Justice League doesn’t even exist, although Cyborg, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman exist, they are extremely various. In truth, the last 2 are bogged down in a war in between Atlanteans and Amazons.

Cyborg, for his part, is mankind’s terrific hero in the lack of Superman. And Batman is method darker and violent. In truth, it is not Bruce Wayne, however Thomas, who imitates an upset vigilante after losing his child. His terrific opponent, as constantly, is the Joker, although in truth it is his own better half, Martha, who lost her mind after Bruce’s death.

Barry will need to ally with Cyborg and Thomas, and enter search of Superman, who was abducted by the federal government after being recognized as an alien, in order to stop the genuine perpetrator of whatever that has actually occurred, Reverse-Flash.

In the comics, Flashpoint is a really substantial occasion and alters the truth of numerous of DC’s most popular characters, something that will certainly likewise occur after the motion picture and that is why it appears to have actually come at the correct time, when a brand-new future awaits for the DCU and its heroes.