Saw has actually turned into one of the most popular and highest-grossing franchises in the scary world recently. Starting in 2004 by among the professionals of the category, James Wan, the legend has actually currently launched an overall of 9 movies within the primary story and a spin-off, Spiral, which was embeded in the exact same universe however followed various characters.

Now, Saw is preparing to go back to its roots with its tenth authorities installation that will revive among the symbols of its brand name, Tobin Bell’s John Kramer, akaJigsaw And it appears we will get to see him once again quickly given that shooting finished up, according to director Kevin Greutert, who revealed that Saw 10 has actually covered through his Twitter account, teasing some information for the fans prior to thanking the cast and team:

“Just wrapped shooting on Saw X, and though the challenges were huge (easy films are rarely worthwhile in the end), it was one of the most rewarding and epic experiences of my life. Cast and crew were firing on all cylinders though almost everyone involved was new to the SAW universe, and I got COVID in the final 2 weeks of production, and the movie was made entirely on edgy locations here in Mexico City. My fingers are trembling with anticipation as I look forward to starting to edit. I hope we can use the title “Saw X” because this chapter really gets back to the roots of what makes SAW so special to me and everyone else who loves John Kramer’s saga.”

Everything We Know About Saw 10

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw

The brand-new installation will work as an extension of the very first 9 films, leaving Spiral out. However, thinking about Tobin’s character passed away back in Saw III, his looks might be in the kind of flashbacks. For now, it is uncertain if this brand-new motion picture will continue to inform the story after Saw: The Final Chapter, which ended with Cary Elwes’Dr Lawrence Gordon leading Jigsaw’s newest apprentices, or 2017’s Jigsaw, which was both a prequel to the initial and follow up to the seventh movie.

Set in an unnamed city in the United States, the franchise follows the primary character and bad guy, Jigsaw, who’s a serial killer with some non-traditional techniques. Instead of straight eliminating its victims, he traps them in deadly scenarios that he calls “games” in order to “rehabilitate” them if they handle to make it through. But, obviously, numerous, or the majority of them, do not make it through the intricate and terrible procedure.