Actor Sean Penn signed up with the 73rd yearly Berlin International Film Festival this weekend to premiere his brand-new documentary Superpower with co-directorAaron Kaufman The movie, at first prepared to include the previous star and existing president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, quickly became a documentary about larger concerns as a war with Russia broke out throughout recording. Superpower continued to speak with the Ukrainian president at various points throughout the course of the previous year, with Penn likewise taking a trip to the cutting edge of the dispute to speak with soldiers.

According the Hollywood Reporter, the movie’s premiere this weekend worked as a centerpiece for a 2023 Berlinale focused around rallying assistance and uniformity for the nation of Ukraine on the cultural front. Penn described at the premiere how the “whimsical tale of a comic actor turned president” turned war movie had really premiered formally in a personal watching for Zelenskyy and his personnel previously today. Penn likewise postulated the screening with a plea for continuous worldwide assistance for the nation. The documentary near to a standing ovation, with the crowd likewise apparently standing to praise Zelenskyy throughout a live video message provided by the Ukrainian president.

A Well-Known Humanitarian


Also present at the celebration today, Matt Damon revealed that he remains in the course of dealing with a documentary about the Ukrainian war, still at the research study stage. Damon remained in town for the Berlinale as part of an interview for Nenad Cicin Sain’s brand-new documentary Kiss the Future, which highlights person life in Sarajevo throughout the Bosnian war leading up to the 1997 U2 show and humanitarian efforts of the band.

A widely known humanitarian, Penn made news when he lent among his 2 Oscars to the Ukrainian President, informing Zelenskyy: “When you win, bring it back to Malibu.” Penn has actually gotten 2 Oscars for Best Actor, one for the movie Mystic River (2003) and one for his function as the paradigm-changing California senator Harvey Milk in Milk ( 2008 ). His latest function remained in Licorice Pizza (2021 ).

Penn likewise gathered limelights for threatening to “smelt [his awards] in public” if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did not welcome Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to speak throughout the live telecast of the 2022Oscars “There is nothing greater that the Academy Awards could do than to give [Zelenskyy] an opportunity to talk to all of us,” Penn had actually argued in May, requiring a boycott if the company stopped working to enact the welcome. The Oscars rather included a minute of silence for Ukraine and its management.

Penn’s previous directing credits consist of Flag Day, Into the Wild and The Pledge.