Spartacus star Liam McIntire pitched his own concepts for a possible return in Starz’s upcoming series revival. Originally ranging from 2010 to 2013, Spartacus followed the increase and ultimate defeat of the popular Thracian gladiator who led a servant disobedience versus the may of Rome. Initially played by the late Andy Whitfield, McIntire actioned in to presume the show’s leading function for 2 seasons, Spartacus: Vengeance and Spartacus: War of the Damned. Earlier this year, Starz revealed prepare for a brand-new Spartacus follow up series being helmed by original developer Steven S. DeKnight.

Recently, McIntyre required to Twitter to pitch his concepts about how his character might return, in spite of being eliminated throughout the series ending. Read the tweets below:

Suggesting the brand-new revival might follow Spartacus in the afterlife, McIntire’s pitch would have him wage a war versus the god Hades in a quote to be reunited with his departed spouse, Sura. When one fan looked for DeKnight’s viewpoint on McIntire’s pitch, the star reacted, stating, “Steve’s [plans] will be better.”​​​​​​​

Could Liam McIntire’s Spartacus Return From The Dead?

Spartacus pulls out and points his sword as people run away

While Spartacus showed popular for its graphic and violent take on the popular historic tale, the show’s original ending has actually raised numerous concerns about how a revival might perhaps work. Though history reports that the genuine Spartacus’ body was never ever recuperated, the series ending illustrated the titular hero’s death at the hands of Roman soldiers. With the protagonist dead, the majority of theories have actually rather relied on the follow up series moving its focus onto other characters, such as Todd Lasance’s Julius Caesar.

McIntire’s concepts, nevertheless, raise another possibility. Supernatural aspects and the existence of the afterlife have actually currently played an essential function in the original series, and the star’s pitch might perhaps act as an additional extension. Moreover, a relocate to set the series in the underworld might likewise see the prospective return of other crucial characters, such as Manu Bennett’s Crixis and Jai Courtney’s season 1 character, Varro.

However, the one idea about the revival’s instructions would recommend a much more grounded method. Described by Starz as “a new tale of treachery, deceit, and blood unfolding beneath the foreboding shadow of Rome,” DeKnight’s own strategies most likely vary from those proposed by McIntire. However, that might not always suggest the character is predestined to be excluded of the Spartacus revival completely, and McIntire might still return from the dead by means of flashbacks or ghostly visions.

Source: Liam McIntyre/Twitter