Warning: Spoilers for the Succession series endingThe Succession creator states Waystar’s final CEO was prepared for a while. The Succession series ending finished up the Emmy-winning series, exposing at last who becomes the brand-new CEO of Waystar after the GoJo sale. Early on in the episode, Matsson provides the task to Tom, requiring the Roy brother or sisters to form a short lived alliance and anoint Kendall as king. But at the final board vote, Shiv alters her mind as she thinks Kendall would not make a great CEO, however likewise since her hubby ending up being CEO would make her closer to power.

After the Succession series ending aired, Armstrong opened about his master strategy for Tom ending up being CEO throughout the “Inside the Episode” (through Max).

The program’s creator states that Tom being the ultimate follower was the ending he had actually planned “for quite a while” and described the character’s qualities that permitted him to come out on top. Read what Armstrong stated below:

Tom being the ultimate follower, that had actually been something that I believed was the ideal ending for a long time. Even though he’s not precisely the most effective king you’ll ever fulfill, his power originates from Matsson. Those figures who wander upwards and make themselves open to effective individuals are around.

Every Clue In Succession That Tom Would Become CEO

Succession Series Finale Tom and Shiv Holding Hands

As Armstrong states, Tom ending up being CEO was prepared for a long period of time. The program’s creator and head author dropped ideas as early as season 2 when Roman asks Shiv, “Should I be worried about Tom?” in regards to him ending up being Logan’s ultimate follower. However, Tom’s course to ending up being CEO was really strengthened throughout the Succession season 3 ending when he betrays Shiv by tipping Logan off about his kids’s revolt.

Logan as soon as informed Kendall he isn’t efficient in being CEO since he’s “not a killer,” which Tom has actually plainly revealed he can being. In addition, Logan’s follower was most likely never ever going to be among his kids because his last words to them were deriding them as “not serious people.” On the other hand, Tom was rapidly making Logan’s love and at the time of his death, was more detailed to him than possibly any of his kids.

Even though Tom wasn’t the most effective gamer, he had all the needed qualities to come out on top, most notably sycophancy. As Armstrong states, Tom made himself “amenable to powerful people” like Logan and Matsson. He likewise provided an engaging case to Matsson for why he need to be CEO, which the more entitled Kendall stopped working to do at the final board vote. In completion, Succession‘s final message might be that offering one’s soul and making handle the devil is the winning technique for success, a minimum of on the planet of Waystar.

Source: Max