A brand-new image from The Winchesters, the Supernatural prequel program, sees the return of Ruth Connell’s Rowena to satisfy John andMary Airing for 15 popular seasons, Supernatural concerned an end in 2020, however the world of the program survives on in The Winchesters, which premiered last fall. Set in the 1970s, the prequel follows John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly) as they look for their missing out on dads and establish a relationship.

As shared by EW, episode 12 of The Winchesters is set to include a familiar face in the kind ofConnell’s Rowena Check out a first-look at Rowena’s return below:

Ruth Connell as Rowena in The Winchesters.

Rowena initially appeared in Supernatural throughout the occasions of season 10, with the effective witch ultimately allying herself with Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki). Although the character apparently passed away on a number of events, she had the ability to reanimate herself, ultimately using up a position as the Queen ofHell It’s still uncertain what function she will play in The Winchesters.

How Rowena Could Factor Into The Winchesters

John and Mary carrying their items and looking at something in the Winchesters

So far, The Winchesters has actually seen John and Mary handle a variety of powerful risks, and current episodes have actually seen the duo trying to stop theAkrida Queen Episode 10 of The Winchesters includes a couple of significant advancements in this regard, consisting of the arrival of Porter J. Hobbs, the master doctor of the Men ofLetters He notifies John and Mary that he can producing a lethal neurotoxin that might have the ability to eliminate the Akrida Queen for excellent.

Of course, Hobbs quickly exposes himself to be Jack, who was tossed out of the Men of Letters for exploring on human beings. After Jack passes away trying to transplant his other half’s awareness into Mary, the duo is still entrusted to the bigger issue presented by theAkrida Queen With John and Mary’s alternatives going out, it’s possible that Rowena might be a fascinating ally.

Although it’s still uncertain simply how Rowena will be presented in The Winchesters episode 12, it’s possible that she might become a good friend to John and Mary, or a minimum of form a tentative alliance with them. With episode 10 ending with the expose of the Akrida Queen’s area, the program is plainly establishing a relatively significant fight. Thankfully, audiences do not have excessive longer to wait prior to Rowena appears on The Winchesters, with episode 11 due out this evening, February 21, and episode 12 launching next Tuesday, February 28.

Source: EW