During the peak of The Twilight Saga‘s appeal, the fandom had actually been divided into 2 different camps: Team Edward andTeam Jacob The motion picture series, motivated by the books authored by Stephenie Meyer, inform the story of a teenage lady, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), who should choose which supernatural being is the one for her. It’s in between the vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the monster Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Up to the end of the 5th and last movie, fans were rooting for one or the other to have the pleased ending they desired with Bella.

Lautner is now assessing the “Team Edward vs. Team Jacob” years in a brand-new interview for the Dear Media podcast The Toast (by means of Insider). He confesses that the competition in between the 2 characters impacted him and his relationship with Pattinson behind the scenes, as that was a lot to take in for a teenage kid still maturing. That’s not to state that there was any individual bitterness in between himself and Pattinson, noting they got along simply great, however the attention from the fans had actually made things challenging.

As Lautner describes when asked if the competition impacted him:

“I feel like I’d be lying if I said no. I was so young. I was 16 when Twilight came out, 17 for New Moon and Eclipse. I finished the franchise by the time I was 19… I was so young and yeah, I do feel like it was very strange traveling the world and being in different cities and having thousands of screaming fans either taking your side or the other guy’s side… Like, we’re a team. We’re both just trying to make the best movies… Yeah, it was a little bizarre, the competitiveness. There wasn’t a competitiveness between me and Rob, but having that constant reminder, it definitely had an impact.”

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

While Edward and Jacob might have in some cases been at chances in the movies, together everybody was taking pleasure in the success of The Twilight Saga behind the scenes. The series began with the initial Twilight in 2008, followed by 2009’s New Moon, 2010’s Eclipse, 2011’s Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and 2012’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2 While the films have actually definitely not gone without criticism, they are undoubtedly effective, banking more than $3.34 billion at package workplace with 5 function movies.

The movie series ended quite conclusively, however there has actually been some chatter about a brand-new Twilight motion picture getting made. However, that’s all report at this moment, as absolutely nothing has actually been set in stone. For what it deserves, a minimum of one franchise star would be on board to return, as Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) informed CBR in 2015 that he wishes to return for a Twilight spinoff. Inspired by an X-Men story, Rathbone pitched an idea for a brand-new movie that would be various from the other films in the series.

“That’s funny because I’ve actually talked to some of my co-stars about it recently… I grew up on X-Men, and one of my favorite comic storylines is when the X-Men all lose their powers, so I thought that would be a fascinating element to see what would happen like that in the Twilight [film] universe. If a vampire came about that could strip every one of their pure powers, and suddenly the playing field was leveled, and you have all the vampires on the run from the government to kind of tie it into a more supernatural sense of vampires being hunted. Going from the apex predator to no longer the apex predator and seeing how that would affect the Cullens. I thought that would be a fantastic storyline to explore in the future.”

It stays to be seen if a brand-new Twilight motion picture ever concerns fulfillment.