New images for The Blacklist season 10 present Siya Malik (Anya Banerjee), the child of Meera (Parminder Nagra). After signing up with Raymond Reddington’s job force, the knowledgeable interrogator Meera suffers an awful end when tracked and eliminated by Milos Kirchoff’s representatives. Now, the household seems reacquainting itself with Reddington’s objective as Siya will show up in season 10.

While the images launched by Spoiler TELEVISION do not expose much about Siya, they do offer a peek at what the character will appear like when she comes acrossRed Check out the pictures below:

As The Blacklist season 10 returns to its season 1 death story, it is all set to go cycle. Now an MI6 intelligence officer, Siya has actually gone far for herself similar to her mom did, which will play a significant function in season 10.

Everything We Know About The Blacklist Season 10

Reddington kisses a baby in The Blacklist

The conclusion to The Blacklist is quickly approaching as Red prepares to put down his hat and weapon. While Red is still working to redeem himself by removing wrongdoers, the program’s cast is going back to see his journey through to the end. James Spader, Hisham Tawfiq, Diego Klattenhoff, John Eisendrath, and Harry Lennix are all returning for season 10.

It is exposed that The Blacklist season 10 will be an action-packed affair as Red frantically tries to prevent ending up being the victim of Wujing’s fury. After season 9, Wujing is desperate for vengeance and appears to be creating a gang of wrongdoers to get their disappointments onRed For the very first time, Red will understand what it seems like to be among the wrongdoers he has actually been searching down for many years.

The Blacklist season 10 will be launched on February 26 on NBC, with the program formally altering release days from Friday toSunday There are still lots of concerns delegated address, consisting of Red’s real identity expose, which the program has actually been flirting with for many years. With so couple of episodes left prior to completion, The Blacklist will require to go back to its history in numerous methods to develop Siya’s character while likewise exposing Red’s past.

Source: Spoiler TELEVISION