Warning: The following includes SPOILERS for The Flash season 9 premiere.The Flash season 9 episode 1 stimulated the name of Cat Grant from Supergirl, validating that both programs are still set on the exact sameEarth This settled the pledge of more crossovers in the shared Earth-Prime setting developed by the Crisis on Infinite Earths occasion in 2020. It likewise set the phase for more nods to the bigger Arrowverse throughout The Flash season 9.

The Crisis On Infinite Earths occasion was a game-changer for every single adjustment of DC Comics’ characters throughout several types of media, validating that every tv program and motion picture ever motivated by DC Comics became part of a shared multiverse. The consequences guaranteed more regular crossovers in between all the DC Comics reveals still in production, with all the Arrowverse series moving to the shared world called Earth-Prime Unfortunately, these crossover strategies were totally reduced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the abrupt cancelation of the majority of the Arrowverse programs. Apart from a couple of cameos in The Flash season 8, the Earth-Prime setting has actually not totaled up to much.

The Earth-Prime Setting Is Moving Forward

The Justice League from the Arrowverse

The Flash season 9, episode 1, “Wednesday Ever After,” included an unexpected recommendation to Cat Grant, the media magnate from Supergirl who acted as Kara Danvers’ employer and coach. One significant subplot of the episode focused around Cat Grant making a deal to purchase Iris West-Allen’s paper, Central City Citizen Media, making it a franchise of her Cat Co Worldwide Media empire. It was Barry Allen’s belief that this event was what resulted in Iris developing a bigger journalistic footprint on a nationwide level and ultimately winning her very first Pulitzer Prize, based upon what their time-traveling kids had actually informed them of the future.

While Iris eventually chose not to offer CCC Media, the recommendation to Cat Grant and the bigger Arrowverse was an enjoyable surprise. Cat Grant had actually been mostly missing from the later seasons of Supergirl, although she did return for the Supergirl series ending, where she exposed that she understood Kara Danvers was Supergirl and provided Kara her dream task as editor-in-chief of Cat CoMagazine The reality that Cat Grant is still wheeling and dealing after Supergirl ended shows that the shared Arrowverse setting of Earth-Prime is progressing, even if it has actually not been referenced as much as Crisis On Infinite Earths recommended it would be.

Cat Grant Nod Foreshadows The Arrowverse Future

Supergirl Resist Cat Grant Calista Flockhart

While Cat Grant does not make an on-camera look in The Flash season 9 premiere, the reality that the episode referenced her ongoing impact on the media of Earth-Prime foreshadows numerous upcoming Arrowverse cameos. The last season of The Flash is forming up to be an ending of sorts for the Arrowverse too, with Stephen Amell going back to the setting he began and playing Oliver Queen one more time. It has actually likewise been validated that Nicole Maines, who played Dreamer on Supergirl, will be appearing at some time, together with Wally West and John Diggle.

The Flash season 9 advances Wednesdays on The CW.