New set pictures from The Flash season 9 expose the return of a significant season 1 character. The Arrowverse is approaching the start of completion as Greg Berlanti’s DC television age is practically over on The CW. With The Flash and Superman & & Lois staying, The CW is gradually leaving the superhero organization. However, till that occurs, The Flash season 9 still has 12 more episodes to air prior to the Earth-Prime side of the Arrowverse is finished up. While it’s a much shorter season than normal, The Flash has a great deal of stories lined up for its swan-song season.

The Flash season 9 will see several familiar faces as numerous returning Flash characters have actually been verified to appear in the lastseason One of them is Rick Cosnett, who represented Eddie Thawne in The Flash season 1. The Australian star has actually likewise returned numerous times as various versions of Eddie in later on seasons, consisting of The Flash season 8.

With just a few episodes delegated movie, The Flash season 9 has actually currently started teasing Cosnett’s return. In brand-new set images from Canadagraphs, the outlet got numerous shots of Cosnett in The Flash season 9, episode 11. Directed by The Flash’s Kayla Compton (Allegra Garcia,) Cosnett was spotted recording at a funeral-based setting. According to Canadagraphs, Cosnett was digging up a tomb in “a furiously fast manner.”

How The Flash Season 9 Can Bring Back Rick Cosnett’s Eddie Thawne

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Given that Eddie was eliminated in The Flash season 1, there will certainly be alternative choices for how Cosnett returns in season 9. One possibility is that this is an Eddie from a various timeline where he didn’t pass away the method he performed in season 1. The multiverse is likewise another choice, specifically considering that Crisis on Infinite Earths brought back the principle of alternative worlds. Even though the characters on Earth-Prime do not understand the multiverse still exists, Cosnett’s return might be an entrance for them to discover it.

One of the most popular theories for The Flash season 9 is that the DC bad guy Cobalt Blue will be making his Arrowverse launching in the lastseason For years, numerous have actually hypothesized that whenever that character would enter into play, it would be some variation ofEddie With Cobalt being among the last significant Flash enemies from the canon that the program hasn’t utilized, this might be how Cosnett is returning. That would likewise discuss why Cosnett’s character is digging up somebody’s else tomb, possibly coming from Eddie.

The Flash season 9 is currently seeming one huge lastseason With Cosnett returning, amongst numerous other big Arrowverse visitor stars, it will be a bittersweet goodbye season for the Grant Gustin- starringseries It’s certainly a substantial triumph for The Flash to be able to head out by itself terms, provided the huge modification going on today at The CW. As The Flash season 9 gets even more in, it will ideally not be too long prior to Cosnett’s return is correctly teased.

Source: Canadagraphs/Twitter