The Arrowverse’s ultimate speedster showdown gets previewed in The Flash series finale trailer, with Barry Allen’s end of the world turning up next week. After starring as the fastest man alive for a years, Grant Gustin is formally reaching the goal with The Flash bringing an end to the Earth-Prime side of the Arrowverse. Throughout the last couple of episodes, The CW drama has actually been focusing greatly on Eddie Thawne’s return after he passed away in The Flash season 1 just to now live once again in season 9.

Following the airing of this week’s episode, The CW (by means of TELEVISION Promos) ran a trailer for The Flash series finale. Titled “A New World, Part Four,” the video provides a very first take a look at the Arrowverse’s greatest speedster showdown of perpetuity.

Throughout the trailer, it provides a very first take a look at the return of Savitar, Zoom, and Reverse-Flash, in addition to a correct launching of Rick Cosnett’s Cobalt Blue outfit. The Flash series finale video likewise sees John Wesley Shipp back as Jay Garrick as he makes his last Arrowverse look in this episode.

Everything We Know About The Flash’s Series Finale


Based on “A New World, Part Three,” The Flash series finale will see Eddie completely accepted as the brand-new avatar of the Negative Speed Force. The trailer makes it clear that the whole timeline is now in jeopardy, which will likely discuss how all the renowned speedster bad guys are back for The Flash’s last episode. When it pertains to Eobard Thawne, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace has actually validated that it will be the season 1 version of the character.

Outside of the returning speedster enemies, in addition to Jay Garrick and XS, it does not appear that there will be other characters returning for The Flash series finale. Many have actually been wanting to see Carlos Valdes’ Cisco Ramon back one last time after he left the series in season 7. Time will inform if he or any other Arrowverse fan-favorites will appear throughout the series finale.

With a lot decreasing in The Flash series finale, it will be interesting to see how the program takes on the last showdown of the Arrowverse drama. Given that this has actually been extremely expected for many years, specifically the arrival of Cobalt Blue, it will ideally have the ability to measure up to expectations. With just a few days delegated go, it will get bittersweet as The Flash completes its run at last.

Source: The CW (by means of TELEVISION Promos)