The Flash on The CW its speeding towards its conclusion, set to end with its ninth and lastseason For showrunner and executive manufacturer Eric Wallace, it’s completion of an age, however that does not indicate he wishes to carry on from DC adjustments. In reality, he’s currently considering Swamp Thing as the task he had actually love to be a part of next after amassing honor with his deal with The Flash, maybe hoping that will assist put him in the running.

Speaking about the DCU with TVLine, Wallace talked about the different motion picture variation of The Flash that’s pertaining to theaters this summer season. While the movie follows Ezra Miller’s verison of Barry Allen, Wallace states in the interview he’ll still be “the first person in line” to purchase a ticket, caring “all things Flash.” But as soon as his TELEVISION series reaches its end this year, Wallace states he wants to get included with the Swamp Thing motion picture that was just recently revealed by James Gunn andPeter Safran From the interview:

” I’m the world’s greatest Swamp Thing fanatic, so without concern the reality that they’re going to do another Swamp Thing motion picture with a huge budget plan. Ohhhh! I was actually like, ‘Please call me. Please call me. I would love to write on that. Let me help you.’ I am not just a Swamp Thing fanatic, however I understand a thing or more about character, and composing.”

Swamp Thing Gets Rebooted for the DCU

Swamp Thing

There’s not a lot that’s yet been exposed about Swamp Thing, however Gunn and Safran have actually explained the reboot as a movie that will “investigate the dark origins” of the character. But while this is going to be a much darker movie compared to the other motion pictures revealed for the DCU, the concept is to still have this Swamp Thing crossing over with the other DC characters, with Gunn comparing this “mashup quality” to seeing Rocket Raccoon and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor rubbing shoulders in the Avengers movies.

“This is a much more horrific film, but we’ll still have Swamp Thing interact with the other characters,” Gunn has actually stated.

The Swamp Thing motion picture does not yet have a premiere date, and it’s not yet clear when production will begin, however James Mangold (Logan) is reported to be in talks for directing. As for The Flash, the ninth and last season of the television program debuts onFeb 8, while the motion picture starring Ezra Miller strikes theaters on June 16, 2023. The initially trailer for the movie will be launched throughout the Super Bowl.