A great deal of enjoyment has actually been produced by the current release of the trailer for The Flash, and its exposes have some fans questioning who else may be appearing in the movie. The trailer, which dropped throughout the Super Bowl on Sunday, showcases no less than to Batmen with both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck returning as their particular variations of theDark Knight With that door to the multiverse large open, it’s in theory possible for Christian Bale to likewise look like his Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy, and some fans believe they have actually even spotted him in the trailer.

The minute in concern is a short shot of Batman on a Batcycle that looks a lot like the one Bale utilizes in theNolanverse Some fans have actually figured this to be Affleck’s Batman, as that variation is likewise displayed in an outside battling series in other places in the trailer that might be linked to this scene. Others believe this simply may be Bale, as it’s challenging to inform for sure who precisely lags the mask at that minute. In any case, while they doubt if that’s actually Bale, the concept of such a cameo is nonetheless developing a great deal of expect a look.

As one fan tweets, “The Flash official trailer is here! At the 1.55 mark is a Batman and Batmobile resembling Christian Bale… I will loose it in the cinema if he cameos!!”

Another tweet checks out, “Is that Christian Bale as the Nolan-Batman in The Flash trailer? I’m going to FREAK OUT if Bale is back!”

“Wait. Hold up,” states another person. “This actually looks sick! The visuals look crisp, the Batman ‘89 theme made me smile and was that Christian Bale’s BATMAN?!? Yup, I’m in.”

And as another fan presumes, “Are Keaton and Affleck not the only Batmen in The Flash? Could this be Christian Bale? In any case, the motorbike is very Dark Knight-like and in the short scene the costume’s ears seem shorter than those of Keaton’s Batman.”

Is That Christian Bale on the Batcycle?

Batman in The Flash Trailer

Even with the 2 validated Batmen that we understand will appear in the movie, there’s certainly plenty to currently be delighted about with The Flash for fans of theDark Knight That these 2 looks had actually currently been revealed ahead of the movie makes it much easier to think that there are some significant surprises that might remain in shop also, and something like a cameo from Bale’s Batman would fit the costs. There have actually formerly been reports of Adam West’s Batman likewise appearing through using archival video, so anything is possible.

Ezra Miller stars in The Flash asBarry Allen Along with Miller, Keaton, and Affleck, other cast members consist of Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Michael Shannon as General Zod, and Kiersey Clemons asIris West Andy Muschietti directs utilizing a movie script by Christina Hodson with a story by John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, and Joby Harold.

The Flash will be launched in cinema on June 16, 2023. You can see the trailer below, throughWarner Bros on You Tube.