Cobra Kai might be pertaining to an end, however that’s far from completion of the roadway for the Karate Kid franchise, which wishes to continue checking out timeless characters and brand-new ones with stories we have yet to see.

Released in 2018 on YouTube Red, Cobra Kai was superbly gotten by fans of the movie legend, who discovered a lot more in the return of Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence than they might have ever pictured. After being canceled and purchased by Netflix to air its 3rd season, the series reached a much bigger audience, ending up being a phenomenon similar to the initial motion pictures.

With 6 seasons, Cobra Kai will pertain to an end this year on the streaming platform. Still, it will just be the start of brand-new chapters within the fantastic franchise that the Karate Kid has actually ended up being, which is currently dealing with a brand-new motion picture with Ralph Macchio set to star once again. And although it at first appeared that there would be no connection in between the movie and the hit series, it is not all lost.

The Future of Karate Kid and Cobra Kai


In an interview with Deadline, Sony Pictures TELEVISION Studios president Katherine Pope discussed what’s to come for the franchise after the series ending:

“They have some ideas in terms of expanding Cobra Kai and coming at the Karate Kid legacy in different ways. But yes, the movie is a good example too. It’s all of these. I think we’ve all learned these worlds can exist together and they can feel cohesive and they can feel additive, especially for the fans, and feel like big, big worlds that exist on lots of different levels, they don’t necessarily all exist in the same plane. Audiences are so savvy now and accepting multiple levels of the IP so the Cobra Kai universe lives on, that’s for sure.”

Cobra Kai has actually presented numerous brand-new characters that are currently part of the Karate Kid tradition, so the possibilities for brand-new stories are unlimited. Even continuing to inform the lives of Daniel or Johnny might be effective, thinking about the accessory that fans of the franchise have towards these 2 characters.

Additionally, Macchio discussed numerous celebrations about his desire to deal with a prequel concentrated on Miyagi, the renowned character of Pat Morita, something that certainly has actually not been dismissed by Sony to offer the legend a brand-new angle.