A viewer spots a big mistake in The Last of Us episode 6. The episode selections up with Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) touring to Jackson, Wyoming to search out Tommy (Gabriel Luna). While The Last of Us has appeared to garner extra reward and a succeed in better target market with every episode, HBO’s acclaimed online game adaptation hasn’t been proof against the occasional error.

Shortly after it aired on HBO, an eagle-eyed viewer noticed a big mistake in The Last of Us episode 6 and shared it on social media.


Shared by way of @stjguitarist on Twitter, the viewer spotted that a number of workforce participants are visual at the outskirts of 1 overhead shot from early on in episode 6. See a screenshot of the error within the submit above.

The Last of Us Episode 6 Continues HBO’s History Of Filming Mistakes

HBO House of the Dragon and The Last of Us

With episode 6, The Last of Us now continues an unlucky HBO development of visible mistakes making their manner into the display. The custom began again in Game of Thrones season 8, episode 4 when a Starbucks cup used to be infamously visual in body on a desk in entrance of Daenerys. During the series finale, some plastic water bottles have been additionally visual at the floor all through the council assembly within the Dragonpit.

Game of Thrones‘ personal prequel display House of the Dragon persisted the HBO custom with a VFX mistake of its personal. After King Viserys loses two hands to a mysterious flesh-eating illness, Paddy Considine’s fourth and 5th hands needed to be digitally got rid of for each shot by which they’re visual. For one transient shot in episode 3, his digits were not digitally got rid of and the fairway coverings over his hands have been mistakenly visual.

While it’s indisputably a big oversight on a part of the post-production crew, those visible mistakes are moderately insignificant with regards to the total high quality of the display and incessantly pass ignored by way of many audience. In every of the former circumstances, HBO corrected the mistakes on streaming platforms for next viewing, which they’ll most probably do once more for The Last of Us episode 6. Overall, the error can be a minor one and is not anticipated to decelerate the display’s huge luck because it airs new episodes each Sunday night time on HBO.

Source: @stjguitarist/Twitter