New The Last ofUs episode 6 images tease a tense reunion for Joel andTommy Now midway into its very first season, HBO’s computer game adjustment has actually ended up being a licensed hit, attracting significant talking points week after week. The next episode of The Last of Us is all however ensured to include a lot more, among which has actually currently been exposed by HBO. After being separated for a long time, separated siblings Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Tommy (Gabriel Luna) are set to lastly reunite as Joel’s risky journey with teen Ellie (Bella Ramsey) brings him toWyoming

Ahead of The Last of Us episode 6 premiering on Sunday, February 19, HBO has actually revealed a batch of brand-new images from the installation. Check them out below:

In addition to including shots of Joel and Ellie in a snowy landscape, likely right prior to they reach the Wyoming settlement, the Last of Us images use numerous peeks at Joel’s reunion with his sibling. While their preliminary welcoming features smiles and reassuring touches, it appears like things quickly grow tense in between the brother or sisters.

What To Expect From Joel & & Tommy’s Reunion

Pedro Pascal as Joel in The Last of Us Episode 6

Though Joel has actually been browsing frantically for Tommy throughout The Last of Us‘ very first 5 episodes, the siblings didn’t leave things on particularly great terms when they separated. According to Joel, Tommy got included with the advanced group the Fireflies a long time earlier, and it was a choice that put a pressure on his relationship withJoel Additionally, Tommy’s injury from the more unpleasant things he and Joel did to endure just added to their split. Because of that, their reunion in The Last of Us episode 6 will likely end up being bittersweet extremely rapidly.

Joel hopes that Tommy’s Firefly contacts will assist him with his job in carrying Ellie to a safe place, though based upon the brand-new images and what was exposed in the Last of Us episode 6 trailer, it most likely will not be a smooth collaboration. Joel still mistrusts the Fireflies, and because Tommy’s participation with them triggered the siblings’ rift, it will be an aching area. Beyond that, Tommy has actually made a life out in Wyoming along with Rutina Wesley’s character Maria, who is likewise consisted of in the Last of Us images. If Tommy has actually discovered some form of peace, he may not be so happy to get tangled up in Joel’s objective.

So far, The Last of Us has actually restrained with the computer game, just making modifications when they serve to increase the general effect of the story. Since the significant plot advancements of the video game have actually stayed undamaged, it is most likely safe to state the Last of Us tv series will continue to follow in addition to its source product. Knowing that, players can likely expect what will follow, though there will be some surprises ahead. All that is clear now is that The Last of Us is getting ready for a household reunion, and it’s going to be psychological.

Source: HBO