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After their traumatic journey through Kansas City, Joel and Ellie are reuniting with an essential character in The Last of Us episode 6 trailer. Based on Naughty Dog’s video game of the very same name, the series centers on Pedro Pascal’s smuggler and Bella Ramsey’s foul-mouthed teenager needing to take a trip cross-country to provide her to researchers who believe her the secret to reversing the Cordyceps fungis that damaged the world. The latest The Last of Us episodes have actually seen the 2 stuck in Kansas City, where outlaws have actually taken control of the city and are ruling over it with an iron fist.

Fresh off of the brand-new episode’s early premiere, HBO has actually launched The Last of Us episode 6 trailer.

The video highlights the next chapter in Joel and Ellie’s journey throughout the nation, with the duo now making their method through Wyoming and seeing Pascal’s lead character reunite with his separated sibling,Gabriel Luna’s Tommy It isn’t all sincere, nevertheless, as the reunion seems a tense one filled with bitterness in between the 2.

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Source: HBO