The Last of Us episode 6 included a surprise reunion for 2 stars who starred in a precious 1990s television program. Bill and Frank made a substantial impression on audiences when they lived out their awful arc in The Last of Us episode 3. The couple that appeared in the opening minutes of The Last of Us episode 6 might not have actually gotten as much screen time as Bill and Frank, however they definitely had their own effect, specifically to fans of a specific 1990s television program.

The couple in concern is naturally Marlon and Florence, whom Ellie and Joel encounter in an enjoyable scene at the start of the current Last of Us episode.

But as some audiences might not have actually recognized, the scene has unique significance for fans of the 1990s program Northern Exposure, who right away acknowledged the stars playing Marlon andFlorence Marlon naturally is played by Graham Greene, who got an Oscar election for Dances With Wolves, and likewise depicted Leonard Quinhagak in 5 episodes ofNorthern Exposure Florence on the other hand is played by Elaine Miles, who depicted precious Northern Exposure routine Marilyn Whirlwind.

Will Marlon and Florence Appear Again On The Last Of Us?

Graham Greene as Marlon in The Last Of Us dressed in winter clothes sitting in a chair in his cozy cabin

Joel and Ellie’s encounter with Marlon and Florence has all the earmarks of a one-off, providing one the unique impression that Greene and Miles’ characters will not be seen once again. However, it’s possibly worth keeping in mind that IMDb lists Greene and Miles as appearing in 2 episodes, so perhaps they will make a return look later on in The Last of Us season 1 (though IMDb can naturally be undependable).

Viewers who took pleasure in conference this senior couple living in relative peace through the post-apocalypse would definitely invite a return Last of Us look. And fans of Northern Exposure definitely would enjoy to see more of the stars who played Leonard and Marilyn all those years ago (specifically considering that Northern Exposure is difficult to discover on streaming or in repeats on television). But after the occasions that simply unfolded, consisting of the substantial cliffhanger at the end of The Last of Us episode 6, the relative peace of Marlon and Florence’s world appears a long method away.

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