The Last of Us ends up being a charming and wholesome ’80s comedy in brand-new AI-made video. HBO probably does status television much better than any other network out there, and they definitely have another well-known experience on their hands with The Last ofUs But this status program is various from lots of others HBO has actually included for many years, provided its computer game roots and category storytelling.

The game-derived The Last of Us has actually not just captured on with critics by now, it’s likewise end up being a success with developers of fan- made material, an example of which can be seen with a brand-new video that re-imagines the super-intense post-apocalyptic drama as an entirely lovable 1980s comedy.

Posted by Dan Taveras Music, the clip utilizes images produced utilizing AI program Midjourney to produce an opening title scene, total with music by Taveras himself. While there are some post-apocalyptic features in the clip, mainly it simply appears like a wholesome program about a household– simply put, entirely various from The Last of Us.

How The Last Of Us Obliterates The Video Game Curse

Ellie paying attention to Henry on their plan in The Last of Us

Good movie and television adjustments of computer game have actually been so pitifully limited for many years that some have actually concerned mention a “video game curse” affecting any material influenced by the world of video gaming. But obviously, the majority of video game adjustments equate titles that are not especially established to be adjusted into other media, and do not include extremely abundant storytelling. It’s an extremely various circumstance with The Last of Us, a video game that probably currently was essentially a motion picture in computer game kind, though still filled with sufficient action to please players.

In the case of The Last of Us, a tidy and straight-forward narrative line was currently totally in location for the ultimate adjustment to follow, and characters were currently strategized who might be brought even more to life with much deeper writing and fully-realized efficiencies. The resulting program has more-or-less eliminated the idea of a computer game curse, showing that it is possible to make great video game adjustments, supplied one is cautious about which video games one attempts to adjust (and supplied one has access to HBO-level resources).

Source: Dan Taveras Music