The Last of Us star Lamar Johnson is opening up about what it resembled to movie his character’s death after episode’s 5 stunning ending. After Johnson’s Henry lastly discovers a set of allies in Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), he and his sibling Sam (Keivonn Woodard) are permitted to get awayKansas City With the leader of the anti-FEDRA soldiers searching them down, the escapees endure a crowd that swallows the innovative army.

Unfortunately, just a few hours after making it through the crowd, Sam exposes to Ellie that he was bitten by the contaminated throughout the battling, and Henry unfortunately eliminates Sam prior to turning the weapon on himself at the end of The Last of Us episode 5. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Johnson discussed what it resembled to shoot that eventful scene and what was going through his head at the time. Check out his quote below:

“I think everybody understood the moment, and they gave me license to play a little bit. I didn’t have a lot of conversations with Craig or anything like that, but also that moment [in the game] was written differently. The line was, ‘What have I done?’ Obviously, there’s layers behind ‘What have I done?’ There is a time that I think I did deliver the line very similar to, ‘This is your fault.’ In a way it’s… I’m upset at Joel, asking him, ‘What have I done?’ The delivery was the same, but the lines are just different. There was a couple ways that I delivered the line. We were just playing with it and whatever worked for the scene is what they chose. I’m really happy with the sequence.”

The Impact Henry And Sam Will Have On The Last Of Us

Sam writing on his notepad in The Last of Us episode 5

While Henry and Sam did not endure to see Ellie and Joel reach Wyoming, they will still have an enduring tradition in The Last ofUs Although they might not have actually understood each other for especially long, Ellie and Sam’s relationship is an essential bond that will resound through future episodes. It is among just a few times that Ellie is in fact permitted to serve as a kid instead of a solidified survivor, which is a memory that will last.

Henry’s sacrifice will likewise contribute in establishing Joel’s point of view moving forward– and not just since of his death. Henry discussed to Joel that he just worked together with FEDRA since he was trying to discover leukemia medication for his sibling. Henry’s story will likely haunt Joel for the very same worries he will experience withEllie Just as he made with Bill, Joel is discovering the value of safeguarding the ones he likes above all else in the dreadful world of The Last of Us.

The truth that Ellie stopped working to conserve Sam will likewise be an enduring thread, if just since of her regret. Though her blood could not conserve Sam, she still bonded with him in a few of the most destructive and ridiculous scenes in The Last of Us and still feels the requirement to safeguard those around her, even after just a few days. The deaths of Sam and Henry showed the awful truths in the dystopian, which will play a severe function in Ellie and Joel’s options moving forward.

Source: EW