Searchlight Picture’s The Menu is a thought-provoking thriller that unsurprisingly focuses on food, with a spray of humor and a side of social commentary. Specifically, the movie’s topic is a hoity-toity tasting menu served at an exclusive dining establishment on a remote island and Chef Julian Slowik’s non-traditional, or rather deadly, supper strategies, played by Ralph Fiennes.

The film is influenced by the filmmaker’s real-life experiences, and it premiered at the end of lastNovember Anya Taylor-Joy stars as ‘Margot,’ or a minimum of that’s what audiences are led to think at the start. She is a plain contrast to her snobby, fellow dining establishment visitors. While the other restaurants rave or review the spotless platings and decadent cooking, Margot declines to even touch her food. Not handing out excessive, the significant plot point at the end includes Margot’s desire to consume, “just a well-made cheeseburger.”

Taking this demand to heart, Irv’s Burgers in West Hollywood, CA is serving precisely that. Irv’s is a regional staple, and with a walk-up window that constantly has a line, it’s been a precious, roadside hamburger joint considering that 1946. Irv’s has actually partnered with Searchlight Pictures to serve a hamburger that follows the movie’s cheeseburger to a tee.

The Menu‘s Michelin-Starred, Consulting Chef Says, “The Making of a Cheeseburger is Also an Art.”

Irv's Burgers in WeHo

Dominique Crenn, seeking advice from chef for The Menu talked to Variety about the relatively basic meal,

“The making of a cheeseburger is also an art,” the chef stated, “The cheeseburger is also the comfort that we are sometimes looking for in a world of pressure. If you do it with love and attention, it’s amazing.”

Irv’s performance of the movie’s hamburger looks precisely like its onscreen equivalent. It’s served on an Irv’s sesame bun with 2 3 oz. beef patties, which are never ever frozen, constantly “pressed to order,” according to the regional dining establishment. The hamburger likewise consists of American cheese, pickles, onions, sauce, and completely precision to the film, includes a side of crinkle cut french fries.

Going the additional mile, “The Menu” hamburger at Irv’s costs the exact same rate that Margot pays in the film, $9.95. After attempting the hamburger for myself, Margot is certainly on to something in the movie, it’s tough to beat “just a well-made cheeseburger.”

It’s unclear when Irv’s Burgers will stop offering the scandal sheet hamburger, however it’s presently readily available at the hamburger stand, 7998Santa Monica Blvd The Menu is now readily available to stream on HBO Max.