With The Pez Outlaw gathering terrific recognition, there’s a possibility that the documentary will be become a scriptedseries The movie, which is now streaming on Netflix following a premiere at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in 2015, informs the story of Steve Glew, a guy who made millions by gathering and hocking important Pez dispensers. It has actually been so popular that Glew informs TMZ that there are tentative talk with turn the story into a scripted television series.

“We are in talks about a narrative project,” Glew states. “It’s in the planning and work stage, so I have to be very careful.”

While Glew can’t disclose far more details about the job, he does expose who he wants to play him in theseries Glew names Jack Black as the perfect option, going on to describe why he feels that the Jumanji star would do wonderful with the function.

Glew states, “The guy goes all in. When you’re there to portray me, all the idiosyncrasies and things he brings to life with his performances, I think would get the job done. And, I mean, I love the guy. I absolutely love the guy. He absolutely commits to something and I love that.”

The Pez Outlaw Is a Hit With Viewers

The Pez Outlaw

The Pez Outlaw has actually been impressing critics, scoring that desirable best 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes with its evaluations. The crucial recognition will definitely assist Glew’s opportunities of getting this story next adjusted as a TELEVISIONseries Perhaps it will likewise assist persuade Black to sign on to play Glew, as is the dream.

The main run-through for The Pez Outlaw is as follows:

“This incredible fish-out-of-water story follows the adventures of Steve Glew, a small-town Michigan man, who boards a plane for Eastern Europe soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall. His mission is to locate a secret factory that holds the key to the most desired and valuable Pez dispensers. If he succeeds, he will pull his family out of debt and finally be able to quit his job of 25 years. Steve becomes the hero of his own adventure, smuggling the rarest of goods into the U.S. and making millions in the process. It was all magical, until his arch-nemesis, the Pezident decided to destroy him.”

The Pez Outlaw is directed by Amy Danlien Storkel andBryan Storkel The 2 likewise produce with Chris Smith, Theo Love, Nate Larson, Jonathan Ignatius Green, Dawn Bender, Bo Butterworth, andNorbert Blecha

You can stream The Pez Outlaw on Netflix, and you can view the main trailer for the movie below.