Screen Rant is happy to provide an exclusive clip from today’s episode ofThe Watchful Eye The Freeform secret series integrates thriller components with a supernatural tone, concentrating on a spooky structure owned by the Greybourne household that appears to draw in misfortune and awful endings. When the sweet yet ominous Elena Santos (Mariel Molino) ends up being a baby-sitter in order to make her method into the Greybourne and take a ruby, she discovers herself dealing with forces with strategies more malicious than her own.

The Watchful Eye likewise stars Warren Christie (who just recently made a splash in the temporary Batwoman series) as Matthew Ward, the widower of Greybourne descendant Allie and Elena’s brand-new manager. Person of Interest‘s Amy Acker has actually likewise signed up with the cast as Allie’s sibling Tory, whose displeasure towards Elena is less about suspicion and more a matter of pure jealousy. Finally, The Walking Dead: World Beyond‘s Aliyah Royale plays fellow baby-sitter Ginny, whose aid may be a lot more important to Elena than she understands.

What To Expect From The Watchful Eye

Amy Acker in The Watchful Eye Episode 104

Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip from The Watchful Eye episode 4, “The Nanny Vanishes,” opens with a bonding minute in between Elena andGinny While Ginny responds with compassion upon hearing that Elena lost her dad early on, the latter shrinks due to her own reticence for sharing. Ginny calls her out on it, keeping in mind that she resembles “a book that’s still in the shrink wrap.” Nevertheless, she appreciates Elena’s option to be a little deceptive, and it appears the ladies have actually reached a brand-new understanding in time for the occasions of the episode.

Given that Elena formerly lied about her mom’s death, “The Nanny Vanishes” might for her to challenge her past and put her in a difficult position considered that she’s currently assured not to lie any longer. In addition, her current ghost sightings and worry of being viewed are increasing her fear, producing what makes certain to be an unpleasant experience in this week’sThe Watchful Eye All of that lacks understanding how Elena’s growing bond with her young charge Jasper (Henry Joseph Samiri) and dispute with Greybourne’s self-appointed leaderMrs Ivey (played by Kelly Bishop, Gilmore Girls) will play out as the episodes development.

Freeform is house to a number of mystery-themed series that have actually captured the attention of the general public throughout the years, most just recently Cruel Summer, which will premiere its 2nd season this year with a brand-new cast. Other popular programs on the young person network consist of Good Trouble and Grown- ish, who are commemorating their 5th and 6th seasons respectively.

The Watchful Eye episode 4 airs Monday, February 13 at 10pm ET on Freeform.