Oscar- chosen co-writer of The Worst Person in the World, film writer and director Eskil Vogt discussed his brand-new drama-thriller Copenhagen Does Not Exist and the movie’s story and humanity. The Danish movie premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and was chosen in the ‘Best Nordic Film’ classification at the Göteborg Film Festival 2023, however the reward goes to Unruly, directed by Malou Reymann.

The movie informs the story of a girl called Ida who vanishes without a trace. Her sweetheart willingly lets himself be secured to be questioned by Ida’s dad and bro, however Sander does not inform the entire fact.

Vogt, 48, discussed what the film wished to state about human relationships and stated that movie has lots of specials at the same time. The author informed Variety.

“So lots of motion pictures, since of how the culture has actually altered, are attempting to be really clear cut. This one attempts to reveal that people can be complicated and paradoxical, egotistical and mild. We are f **** d up beings.”

‘It’s a Story About Isolation’

copenhagen does not exist

Vogt specified that he mores than happy that the pandemic duration is over, as it was really hard to shoot a motion picture throughout the quarantine duration. In addition, he stated that Copenhagen Does Not Exist has to do with seclusion and the sensation of being stuck.

“It’s a story about seclusion, about hanging out in your home. It appeared so unique: such a radical, strange thing to do. But then the pandemic came. The world overtook the script, in such a way.”

The director of the movie, Martin Skovbjerg, highlighted that the film informs the story of complicated characters with numerous feelings, so casting is important. He stated that the chemistry in between the lead functions was imaginative.

” I required somebody who might simply close his eyes and keep in mind things, and you would see them. Jonas (Sander) can do that, so can Angela (Ida). Together, they are developing a brand-new world. Sander starts to comprehend who he truly is, through Ida, and by releasing the standards.”

Vogt stated that the relationship in between the 2 characters is open to analysis, can be slammed as harmful or enthusiastic love, which he discovers strong characters tiring.

” I dislike the term strong character since they are normally uninteresting. You require vulnerability, you require faults. But Ida is a strong character, since you can’t forget her. They discuss her all the time. She talk with you too in the film.”

Before director Joachim Trier’s seriously well-known The Worst Person in the World, Eskil Vogt composed the movie script for Thelma, Oslo: 31st August, and both composed and directed the extremely applauded 2021 movie The Innocents.

Copenhagen Does Not Exist cast consists of Zlatko Buric (Triangle of Sadness), Angela Bundalovic (Copenhagen Cowboy), Christopher Læssø (The Square), andJonas Holst Schmidt The movie will be launched in picked theaters onFeb 9.