Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson exposed that Jennifer Garner’s spin-off movie Elektra had something to do with the Daredevil follow up being canceled. Garner’s Elektra was launched in 2005, simply 2 years after the very first Daredevil movie was launched in 2003. The ticket office outcomes of Elektra will obviously make or break the follow up for Ben Affleck’s Daredevil.

Johnson stated to Yahoo! Entertainment,”I think the plan was that they would make an Elektra movie and then in success do another Daredevil. I didn’t work on the Elektra movie at all, but that one didn’t work out, and then everything kind of went away, unfortunately.”

Elektra just earned $57 million on package workplace with a reported budget plan of over $50 million. Although the movie Daredevil made the manufacturers millions after earning over $179 million on package workplace with a reported budget plan of about $75 million, the job was ditched completely.

Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson currently had actually a story gotten ready for the follow up ofDaredevil Johnson wished to check out the love of Matt with Karen on the expected follow up however it never ever took place. He exposed, “I know I wanted to do more of Matt’s romance with Karen Page, played by Ellen Pompeo.”

The Pressure Of Making Daredevil as a Rising Filmmaker

Eva Mendes with Mark Steven Johnson

When Mark Steven Johnson helmed Daredevil, he’s still rather brand-new in the market. Johnson exposed that he had a lot pressure at that time, he stated, “There was so much pressure on me because I was still a new director, but as far as the actual content went, it was kind of the Wild West. Now, Marvel is so successful and so huge; it’s their universe and rightfully so. They control everything about their movies so successfully.”

He continued, “But back then, no one quite knew what any of this was, and I would have my stack of comic books trying to show them. They would be like: “He’s not gonna actually have horns, right? He’s called Daredevil because he does Daredevil things, but he’s not going to dress up like a devil — that’s ridiculous.” You were fighting for everything!”

Johnson believes that he made Daredevil in a different way compared to the superhero movies nowadays. He stated, “Today people either love the movie or they hate it, but the one thing I think we did successfully was show the real life of a superhero. What would it be like if you had heightened senses and could hear people crying for help? Would it feel like if you’re not Superman, so every night when you go to bed, you’ve got a ton of aches and pains and you’re popping pain pills. All of that stuff was interesting to me.”