James Gunn has actually struck the ground running complete tilt at DC Studios because ending up being both co-CEO and co-chair together with Peter Safran, revealing an ambitiously equipped lineup of tasks simply to begin things off in his brand-newDCU While a lot of them have actually because been arranged and completely covered, per a report from CBR, there are obviously 2 more tasks that Gunn himself confessed have yet to be exposed. Even more engaging is his tip that a person of those 2 tasks will be his outright favorite of the lot.

Gunn supposedly exposed this brand-new upgrade at a current interview where he even more talked about all of the studio’s upcoming strategies. However, when it concerned discussing his so-called individual “favorite” task, Gunn worried that he could not even drop a tip about the concept of it. Essentially if he did, the most intelligent sleuths of the DC fanbase would rapidly determine what it is.

“There’s one thing I know is my favorite, one of my favorite projects of all of this. And it’s just so totally unique that the idea itself is giving away too much when it may not come out for two or three years. Also, with some other things, it’s kind of a choice. We have a director working on a really fantastic other project that may take him a little more time than some other people.”

So, with a minimum of one task being kept under rigorous lock and secret in the meantime, Gunn continues to skillfully keep fans on their toes about how the rest of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters will play out.

The Chapter One Timeline So Far


Chapter One of James Gunn’s DC universe is slated to start in 2025 with among the greatest tasks of the movie part of the lineup, Superman: Legacy, which will be composed by Gunn himself. Following that will be Batman: The Brave and the Bold, which has actually been validated to function Bruce Wayne’s kid Damian, akaRobin The cohesion of these 2 movies has actually been resulting in early reports amongst fans that we might one day perhaps get a “Super Sons” motion picture, based around the kids of Batman and Superman using up the mantle for their particular dads. Regardless, next in line will be Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, followed by The Authority and after thatSwamp Thing All of these movies up until now are validated.

As for the TELEVISION series half of the lineup, we will see a brand new Green Lantern series, properly entitled Lanterns, that fans can just hope will lastly break the continuous jinx over the character and ease Ryan Reynold’s conscience. After that will be the animated series Creature Commandos, which will see the return of eccentric character Weasel from The Suicide Squad (2021 ). Waller will naturally see the return of Viola Davis as iron-fistedAmanda Waller Rounding out the series lineup is Booster Gold and the Wonder Woman prequel entitled Paradise Lost.

Whether Gunn’s 2 secret tasks are movies or series or both is still under covers too, together with where they’ll fall within this recognized timeline.