The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon set images supply a very first take a look at Norman Reedus’ Daryl along with brand-new characters. Daryl rode his bike off into the sundown for the last time in the closing minutes of 2022’s psychological The Walking Dead series ending. But his hiatus from screens will undoubtedly be brief, as the fan- preferred character is set to return in a 2023 spinoff program.

Joining Reedus on The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will be The Essex Serpent star Cl émence Po ésy, who can be seen dealing with her brand-new co-star in just-revealed set images from the highly-anticipated TWD spinoff.

In the images (through Daily Mail), Reedus’ Daryl appears to have actually made some brand-new good friends in Paris, the city he winds up in after he (in the words of the main run-through) “washes ashore in France.” According to Reedus himself, Daryl is a fish-out-of-water in the brand-new program, however plainly he does not squander at any time getting brand-new allies, as the above images confirm. See the brand-new images by click on this link.

Will The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Give Daryl A New Love Interest

Blended image showing Leah and Daryl in TWD

The look of Po ésy in the above images naturally causes speculation about her character ending up being Daryl’s love interest in the brand-new program. Of course, Daryl was expected to be signed up with on the program by his old Platonic buddy Carol, however veteran TWD starlet Melissa McBride chose to leave. It might be that Po ésy handles something of a Carol- like function in Daryl Dixon, or possibly the authors have something more intimate in mind for the set.

Giving Daryl Dixon a love interest in the brand-new program would naturally be a huge relocation, provided the weird and rather mystical method the character’s romantic life has actually been dealt with in the past. TWD at first dealt with Daryl as an only wolf naturally, and it was even possible to check out the character as gay, provided his obvious hostility to love with females. The reveal then quickly appeared to flirt with making Daryl and Maggie’s sibling Beth a product, however then Beth was exterminated.

Daryl undoubtedly did not get a correct love interest on TWD up until season 10, when the program exposed his relationship with the mystical cabin-dwellingLeah But that relationship was undoubtedly doomed, as Leah ended up being an opponent, who was lastly eliminated by Daryl himself. Considering that dark little Daryl history, possibly The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon would be much better off not providing its primary character a real love interest, rather combining him with a brand-new French variation of his BFF Carol.

Source: Daily Mail