David Harbour has actually played a wide-range of characters over the last numerous years, from Hellboy, to Stranger Things’ Jim Hopper and Red Guardian in theMarvel Cinematic Universe His most current function sees him starring along with fell MCU alum Anthony Mackie in the supernatural funny We Have a Ghost, and the star has actually been going over the obstacle of playing an on-screen specter in the run-up to the motion picture’s release on Netflix.

Harbour just recently spoke with Screen Rant about the motion picture, and exposed throughout the interview how a friendly alien from a traditional Steven Spielberg 80s motion picture provided him a great deal of motivation on how to provide a meaningful efficiency without being singing about it. He stated:

” I was frightened since he does not have any lines, right? So it resembles, “How are you going to reveal this guy?” But I believed a lot about that motion picture E.T., and how meaningful that little alien was with simply a little finger and a puppet. And there’s something about the simpleness and the stillness of Ernest that I discovered truly extensive. And the truth that there is all this cacophony around him of this TikTok world and this household who’s rather disjointed and detached.

He’s this old person who’s been forgotten, who resides in the walls, who has this deep trick. There was something about that truly directed me about this other element. He was alien to this world; he was uneasy with it. And there was something about that, that I truly acquired which permitted me a genuine focus.”

David Harbour Had A Lot of Say In his Character’s Look in We Have a Ghost

We-Have-a-Ghost. Netflix

Playing a ghost in his brand-new motion picture definitely provided David Harbour a various sort of character to play, however it likewise permitted him to include his own touches to the look of his creepy character,Ernest While discussing his character with Movieweb’s Nikki Sun, Harbour exposed that the ghost’s combover hairdo was quite his concept as he felt it fit with the age of the character. He stated:

“Yeah, it was. Yeah. I like that cause I wanted him to be, you know, so much— like I’m in my forties and I dress like a, you know, kid. I mean, I feel like nowadays adults don’t dress like they did back in those days where it’s like you saw a 40-year-old man back then, and he looked very different than a 40-year-old man does today. And I think that was part of the comb over was I wanted him to have this feeling like he was not of this time. He was of a different time. There was something about that comb over that felt very specific to me of these guys who you know are just of a different era.”

David Harbour’s Ernest and his comb-over will be seen from February 24 on Netflix when We Have a Ghost makes its launching.