Quantum Leap director Shakina Nayfack describes what occurred to the waiting space for NBC’s rebootseries In the initial 1989 tv series, characters who “leaped” were transferred to a waiting space where they were asked concerns prior to they lept into a particular period. However, in the reboot series, Ben Song (Raymond Lee) does not carry to a waiting space when he jumps. Instead, an algorithm feeds crucial info to Ben as he transfers himself to another time duration.

Now, talking to TVLine, Nayfack lastly describes what occurred to the waiting space in the program. She thinks that the waiting space no longer exists which there are various methods to communicate how a character jumps as deep space of the program progressed from the last time Quantum Leap aired to now. Check out her complete talk about the matter below:

“I think the waiting room is dead. I think the waiting room is Quantum Leap of the 1980s and 1990s, and we have a different way of expressing where the Leap Host goes during the leap.”

Will Audiences See A Waiting Room In Future Episodes of Quantum Leap?

Ben in the Quantum Leap Reboot

As discussed above, the methods the characters utilize an upgraded Quantum Leap accelerator have actually altered. In the initial series,Dr Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) was transferred in a waiting space, whilst Ben Song’s brand-new accelerator does not include one. However, the reboot series does validate the presence of one when Magic Williams (Ernie Hudson) explained an experience he had with the Quantum Leap accelerator in the initial series.

While he does not precisely remember what occurred, Magic discussed that he believed somebody on the other side of a door pushed him. However, it does not appear like audiences will see a waiting space in this season, or in upcoming seasons ofQuantum Leap As discussed by Nayfack, the waiting space was something that a leap host would go to throughout the 1980s and in the 1990s age of Quantum Leap.

Now, there are various methods of communicating how Leap Hosts transportation themselves through time. Because of modifications in the Quantum Leap accelerator, Leap Hosts no longer require to land in a waiting space. They’re rather right away transferred in the time duration they picked to jump in, and they can likewise jump into other characters which totally alters the dynamic of what makes up aQuantum Leap Time will inform if more components from the past series will be contributed to the reboot as Quantum Leap continues to air on NBC.

Source: TVLine