Johnny Knoxville might have possibly ruined The White Lotus season 3 place. Created by Mike White, HBO’s Emmy- winning anthology series follows the visitors and staff members of the titular resort chain where somebody undoubtedly shows up dead, with season 1 happening in Hawaii and season 2 embeded inSicily The White Lotus season 3 has actually been restored by HBO and is presently in advancement, though its place is still unofficial.

Now, The White Lotus season 3 place might have possibly been ruined byJohnny Knoxville The stuntman best understood for Jackass is really friends with White and throughout a current interview with Vulture, it appears Knoxville will state season 3 will be embeded in Tokyo prior to he stopped himself. Read what Knoxville shared below:

Mike White is a really buddy of mine. He and I had actually remained in Tokyo together. I believe that’s where the next … oh, I’m not offering anything away. I may call him once again as quickly as this is over.

Everything We Know About The White Lotus Season 3

The White Lotus season 3 - everything we know

The White Lotus season 3 being embeded in Tokyo makes best sense. The just tease that White has actually shared about the 3rd season is that it will be a satirical take on death in Eastern religious beliefs and spirituality, resulting in speculation it will be embeded inAsia The White Lotus showrunner formerly thought about Japan for season 2’s setting, so it makes good sense he would now go to there in season 3.

There is no verified cast for The White Lotus season 3, though there will likely be some returning characters from previous seasons, comparable to how Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya and her other half Greg (Jon Gries) functioned as the connective link in between the very first 2seasons While Tanya will not be back unless season 3 is a prequel, Greg stays a prospect to return when again. An appealing theory hypothesizes that season 1’s Nicole Mossbacher (Connie Britton) and season 2’s Abby (voiced by Laura Dern throughout telephone call) are sis and will return in season 3 as taking a trip buddies.

Since Knoxville is friends with White and, based upon his current remarks, seems place hunting with the developer for The White Lotus season 3, the Jackass star might possibly come aboard the 3rdseason Knoxville just recently starred in the Hulu series Reboot, which was canceled after one season, and he has actually meant pursuing more tv functions. Even if Knoxville does not sign up with the cast, his current remarks are a relatively strong indicator that, as formerly hypothesized, Japan will be the next location for The White Lotus season 3.

Source: Vulture