Colin Mochrie, among the stars of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, states that the cast wasn’t compensated relatively for their work. Whose Line Is It Anyway? is an improvisational funny series that initially started in 1998 and ran up until 2007, which starred Mochrie together with Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and hostDrew Carey The program was restored by the CW in 2013, with Aisha Tyler changing Carey as the host. In November 2022, Mochrie exposed on Twitter that they would be shooting Whose Line Is It Anyway? last season in January, bringing the revival program to an end after 9 seasons.

In an interview with Vulture, Mochrie openly opened about the absence of reasonable pay the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway? gotten. Mochrie states that he enjoys shooting the series with his fellow cast members which it was enjoyable doing the program. However, Mochrie describes that regardless of the improv stars supplying Whose Line Is It Anyway? material, the cast isn’t paid as authors and has actually never ever gotten any residuals for theseries Read Mochrie’s complete remark below:

“There is a complicated relationship with the show. The cast loves each other, and the actual shooting is always fun. We are all grateful that the show gave us a showcase and allowed us to be able to tour. The downside is that we never received fair compensation for the success of the show. We provide the content but don’t get paid as “writers.” We never received residuals for a show that’s been shown around the world since its inception. Seeing announcements about the sale to the show overseas or to HBO Max can get irritating. I hope I don’t sound bitter, because I learned long ago that this business is not fair, and being bitter about it gets you nowhere.”

Could Whose Line Is It Anyway Return for Another Season?

Whose Line Is It Anyways Revival with the cast on the stage and Aisha Tyler at the podium

Mochrie shares that while he isn’t bitter about the unreasonable payment, it makes his relationship with Whose Line Is It Anyway? challenging, specifically as the series is being offered to reveal globally and onto streaming services. Mochrie has actually been a primary cast member of the series because its creation in 1998 however states this stretched relationship may impact his go back to the funny program in the future. While Mochrie confesses that there might become revivals of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, he hints that it will unlikely see the initial cast returning.

In the interview, Mochrie likewise states that the cast members’ individual social networks have done most of promotion for the restored program which the CW has done little to promote the initial Whose Line Is It Anyway? present airing. Though Stiles and Brady have actually not discussed these problems concerning the series, Mochrie appears to with confidence specify that the present cast will not be returning for future versions mainly due to payment and promotion problems. However, Mochrie does not totally eliminate the possibility of a return, stating “it’s like the Mafia: It keeps pulling us back, so who knows?

While the initial Whose Line Is It Anyway? series is popular, the revival has actually exceeded the initial program in lots of methods, consisting of a longer run and more beneficial evaluations for Tyler as host. However, with Mochrie decrying the program’s unreasonable spend for the stars who are nearly exclusively accountable for its success, the future of the improv series is presently uncertain. Though there is the possibility for another Whose Line Is It Anyway? revival to strike screens in the future, Mochrie has actually made it clear that the present cast has no interest in returning up until they are compensated more relatively.

Source: Vulture