Sarah Michelle Gellar describes why she’s not a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6. Most teen dramas battle after carrying on into the adult years. But, for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that anxiousness and modification was much more noticable due to the program altering networks and having a near-perfect conclusion in the season 5 ending– Buffy Summers (Gellar) compromised herself to conserve the world, understanding that death was her present. It fittingly put a bow on the groundbreaking supernatural series, satisfying theories that were years in the making and offering closure for the majority of the primary characters.

Though the program’s last 2 years have a lot of protectors, Gellar is amongst those with appointments. The star just recently stated that she will not see Buffy season 6. In an interview with Vogue to promote her function in Wolf Pack, Gellar elaborated on those remarks. When asked whether she ‘d ultimately see that installation with her kids, Gellar in-depth her problems with the dark turn that Buffy took late in its run and went over the slayer’s relationship with Spike (James Marsters). Here is her complete reaction below:

“I love questions I’ve never been asked before. If that’s something that when they’re older they’re asking for, obviously I’m not going to stop them. When we started watching the show, my daughter was 10 and my son was 7, and it’s not appropriate. It’s not a conversation that I wanted to have. If it was any other show, I would say, “That’s not something that you should be watching.” Even recently when I’ve even seen snippets, I watched some of it to make sure that I was remembering things correctly. And then you see that scene with Spike and Buffy. I’m like, There’s no way. To me, it wasn’t what the show was about. I didn’t enjoy filming season six. I didn’t enjoy watching season six [back]. It wasn’t the heart of who she was, to me. I get going through a dark phase or being upset, but she killed her own love and she still didn’t go that dark. It wasn’t for me.”

Why Buffy Season 6 Is So Divisive

Buffy and Spike talking in an unknown location in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

As pointed out by Gellar in her remarks, the relationship in between Buffy and Spike represents a huge concern with the program’s later run. This is exhibited by a scene in the episode “Seeing Red,” in which Spike tries to sexually attack a susceptibleBuffy She hardly handles to combat him off. Viewers aren’t the only ones to fault the relationship, which questionable scene, as Marsters likewise revealed that he had a tough time throughout shooting.

Still, for all of the criticisms that Buffy season 6 gets, those episodes have their protectors. The very same holds true of the Buffy and Spike relationship. On top of the darkness of Buffy‘s UPN relocation, there were reviews about the program’s gloomier outlook and the main character’s anxiety. For circumstances, Buffy lost her mom in season 5, and she was taken out of a joyous afterlife since her buddies didn’t wish to go without her. That is more destructive and worthwhile of darkness than anything Buffy formerly went through.

Still, there was plainly something lost in the story’s execution. One remarkable musical episode regardless of, Buffy the Vampire Slayer lost the lightness of touch and the deftness that had actually made it such an enjoyment to see. While there were still a couple of gems in those last 2 goodbye seasons, Gellar concurs that it wasn’t when the program was at its finest.

Source: Vogue