Judd Apatow exposes he is not distressed seeing his child Maude in Euphoria Maude Apatow plays Lexi Howard in the program, Cassie’s more youthful sis and Rue’s good friend because youth. Euphoria season 2 saw Lexi enter into her own, producing a play based upon her experiences and those of her schoolmates.

While hosting the Directors Guild of America Awards, Judd Apatow talked to INDIVIDUALS about the HBO program. Despite Euphoria including some exceptionally dark endings and provocative material, Apatow stated he isn’t “traumatized” by seeing his child in it for one crucial factor. He discussed:

I can see it. I enjoy it. I’m not distressed since I’ve checked out the scripts.

Judd Apatow’s Past Comments About Euphoria

Maude Apatow as Lexi leaning against couch in Euphoria

Part of the factor Apatow isn’t rattled by seeing his child in Euphoria is most likely to do with the household’s history in the market. The filmmaker has actually dealt with both Maude and her sis Iris on numerous tasks for many years such as Knocked Up and This Is 40 Their mom, starlet Leslie Mann, has actually likewise starred together with her children in those movies and others, making them quite a household affair.

As such, it makes good sense that Apatow is comfy seeing Maude in Euphoria, as he’s extremely utilized to seeing relative on screen. Knowing what’s coming thanks to the scripts is an included aid. It’s clear Apatow’s position as a happy papa outweighs any awkwardness he might feel about the program’s typically graphic material. In previous interviews, he’s confessed Euphoria season 2 “left me in a puddle” and has actually continuously revealed adoration for his child’s deal with the series.

While Euphoria season 3’s release is likely a methods off, Maude Apatow has actually dropped tips about the upcoming story, particularly, the trajectory of Lexi’s relationship withFez Though their dynamic has actually not been correctly checked out yet and was left insufficient in season 2, the starlet has actually recommended there is more to come for the 2 in the upcomingseason Based on his previous remarks about Euphoria, Judd Apatow will continue to support his child’s deal with the series in season 3.