Spoilers below for The Last of Us Episode 5!

The Last of Us made some significant modifications to Henry’s character in episode 5, as discussed by the program’s co-creatorNeil Druckmann As an adjustment of the hit computer game series, The Last of Us has actually needed to make some modifications to the story of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), yet it has actually not made huge shifts made to them like the ones that Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Woodard) had. Whereas Henry in the video games is as harsh and protective as Joel, the Henry in HBO’s The Last of Us has actually never ever eliminated anybody.

In an interview with The Last of Us Podcast, Druckmann discussed precisely how the character has actually been altered for the adjustment.

With a number of scenes eliminated and a story as a partner included, Henry has actually been altered drastically. As a character who is not rather as extreme as his video game variation, Henry’s death is much more awful after counting on Joel to assist him and Sam surviveKansas City Check out Druckmann’s description below:

“There’s a change here, pretty significant from the game. We needed Henry to be able to fight and kill with you (in the game). And we try to give a certain morality in the game to Henry that even Joel wouldn’t have, which is like– There’s a part where Sam tries to steal this toy from this toy store, and Henry says, ‘No, we only take what we need and no more.’ And it was just a way to kind of separate them. Here, again, because we don’t need Henry to kill, there’s this beautiful choice of, like, I’ve never killed anybody.’….I think it just immediately separates him from Joel. And you understand why Henry is so reliant on this man that he just spotted kill a bunch of people.”

How The Last Of Us Has Diverged From The Games

Pedro Pascal as Joel looking confused in The Last of Us

The Last of Us has actually been an extremely devoted adjustment, however there are still components of the video game that have actually been changed in order to fit the tv medium. Henry and Sam are just 2 examples of that shift. For circumstances, the truth that Joel and Ellie remain in Kansas City at all is an enormous divergence, as the 2 travel from Boston to Pittsburgh to Wyoming in the video games.

New characters in The Last of Us likewise make a severe distinction. Kathleen, is a show-only creation, as the Pittsburgh opponents were little bit more than faceless thugs searching down passers-by simply for resources and excitement. Perry is likewise a brand-new character, as is Frank, as Bill and Frank do not really take pleasure in the on-screen romance of episode 3 in the video games.

Another huge modification is the status of the contaminated. Whereas the program includes tendrils growing from the mouths of the contaminated, the video games rather consist of air-borne spores that emerge from the fungi. Removing that component is a significant modification for the Cordyceps zombie infection and is among the components that has actually made deep space in The Last of Us more survivable, offering Henry the opportunity to be a little softer.

Source: The Last of Us Podcast