Spoilers for The Last of Us episode 6 below!Actor Rutina Wesley discusses why playing Maria Miller on The Last of Us horrified her. The popular HBO computer game adjustment is now more than midway through season 1, and the most recent episode presented another critical character from the source product. Three months following the terrible deaths of Henry (Lamar Johnson) and Sam (Keivonn Woodard) in Kansas City, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) make their method to Jackson,Wyoming There, they discover Joel’s bro Tommy (Gabriel Luna) living in a well-populated and remote neighborhood with his better half Maria.

Speaking with EW, Wesley talks about why she was horrified to depict Maria on The Last ofUs With the computer game thought about to be among the very best examples of efficient storytelling in video gaming, there was an included weight of expectation for the star in handling the function. Read what Wesley stated about playing Maria below:

It’s scary playing a character that’s been developed, despite the fact that it’s a video game. But I likewise was up for the difficulty of playing her in my method and putting my energy on it to see what individuals would consider that.

How The Last of Us Series Changed Maria

The Last of Us season 1 Maria Miller Comparison

Playing a developed, popular character in an adjustment is likely an obstacle for any star. With The Last of Us franchise being incredibly popular in the video gaming neighborhood, the fanbase holds expectations for the function that Wesley feels the pressure to satisfy. Although HBO’s adjustment of the video game has actually stayed fairly devoted, The Last of Us has actually modified Maria considerably.

Maria’s character and background have actually been altered for the Last of Us program. In both the video game and the series, Maria brings a simple, no-nonsense mindset. However, the program’s representation broadens the function with a layer of humbleness as she discusses that she not the leader of the neighborhood, however a member of a council that runs the town of Jackson together. In the video game, Maria is the sole leader of the town, a neighborhood she established and constructed with her daddy at some point after the Cordyceps break out.

HBO’s The Last of Us likewise broadens Maria’s background, exposing her previous profession as an assistant district lawyer, a position with abilities that most likely been available in convenient for a Jackson council member. Episode 6 likewise exposes that Maria and Tommy are anticipating a kid, a significant distinction from the video game where the couple had no kids. With The Last of Us restored for season 2, Wesley might be provided more time to settle into the character and possibly broaden the function into something larger than the video game developed.

Source: EW