Spoilers for The Last of Us episode 6 below!

Director Jasmila Žbanić just recently went over The Last of Us episode 6’s significant Tommy and Maria modification. After hardly getting away Kansas City with their lives, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) trek to Wyoming to discover Tommy (Gabriel Luna) wed to Maria (Rutina Wesley) and living in a well-protected totally operating neighborhood. Tommy discusses to Joel that he might not expose his place in order to secure the town along with his coming kid.

Speaking with Variety, Žbanić opens about Maria’s pregnancy, an information not within the initial The Last of Us computer game. The director discusses that they wished to offer the world a sense of “hope” along with include additional weight to Tommy’s choice to take Ellie off of Joel’s hands. Read what Žbanić stated below:

We wished to offer this sensation of hope that this society has. Life does not stop. It constantly goes on; even in the worst scenarios, life goes on. For me, this is a truly crucial touch that Maria is pregnant. It makes Tommy’s choice much, much heavier that he accepted to takeEllie It makes whatever hard, with more drama for Tommy.

What The Last of Us Episode 6 Changed From the Game

Joel and Tommy squaring off in The Last of Us episode 6 in a bar

HBO’s adjustment of the acclaimed PlayStation computer game has actually been mainly devoted to the source product. So far, the story’s core story beats have actually stayed the very same while specific information relating to settings and characters have actually been changed. Episode 6 has actually shown no exception to such modifications.

In the initial video game, Joel and Ellie meet Tommy and Maria at the hydroelectric dam, not the real Jackson neighborhood as in the program. It is not till The Last of Us Part II that the gamer gets a take a look at the lively town. Although Tommy and Maria are wed in the initial video game, they are not anticipating the birth of their very first kid.

As in the video game, Joel tries to pawn Ellie off on Tommy however then later modifications his mind and consents to take her to the Firefly base inColorado However, Joel encounters much more opposition at the university consisting of a range of contaminated along with a higher number of raiders. Similar to the program, Joel gets hurt throughout a scuffle with an opponent. However, the video game sees Joel blew a second-floor terrace and falls on a piece of rebar, impaling him. Ellie should then get Joel on his feet and lead him back to the horse while eliminating a variety of armed raiders. The Last of Us episode 6 concludes in the very same way as the computer game chapter with Joel falling off his horse, leaving Ellie alone and with a difficult choice to make.

Source: Variety