Kelsey Grammer has a puzzling response when asked if the Frasier reboot will check out the Cheers bar, given that the program will be embeded inBoston First debuting as a supporting character on Cheers season 3, Frasier was Diane’s rebound partner following her break up with the bar’s owner,Sam Despite starting as a visitor star, Frasier was ultimately promoted to a series routine and was even granted a Seattle- based spin-off, Frasier.

Since it has actually been verified that the Frasier reboot will be embeded in Boston, it wonders if this suggests that it will check out the Cheers bar, and Grammer has a puzzling response when inquired about that throughout his most current look onToday with Hoda and Jenna Watch it below:

Understandably, Grammer can not expose plot specifics about the Frasier reboot, consisting of if it’s going to review his old club. However, it’s fascinating that he has a concept of what the Cheers bar has actually ended up being today, stating:

“There’s mention of a certain bar. I had heard it had gone kind of [belly up].”

Why The Frasier Reboot Needs To Visit Cheers

The cast of Cheers pose for a photo

When the Frasier reboot on Paramount+ was at first revealed, it was exposed to be embeded in a totally brand-new city. Therefore, it was a little bit of a shock when it was exposed that the snooty psychiatrist will review his old stomping premises. Plot specifics for the program are still little at the minute, however Frasier and Lilith’s kid, Freddy is anticipated to play a crucial function in the reboot.

Since the Frasier reboot is set to be the 3rd and last act for the character, it just appears fitting that he reviews the Cheers bar– presuming that it’s still there, thinking about that it was where he got his television start. Narratively, he invested nearly a years socializing with Sam and the rest of the team because club, and for a while, they were his household far from house. Despite being socially uncomfortable, Cheers was his convenience location, so it would be terrific to see him think back about his more youthful days consuming beer and speaking about whatever.

Grammer stated that the Frasier reboot was influenced by Roseanne‘s return. Considering The Conners‘ fondness for leaning into fond memories, it just appears fitting that the Paramount+ program does the exact same. Seeing Frasier action back into the exact same Boston- set Cheers bar 4 years after he initially entered it would absolutely be an unique reward for veteran fans.

Source: Today with Hoda and Jenna/Twitter